Menu Plan Monday

I have been out of sync with my menu planning since returning from our mission trip. Hopefully, prayerfully I will be getting back on schedule! This week is a test run because next week school starts back and guess what folks I'm the teacher😳 I have a long list of to-dos and will be tackling those this week! Keeping my fingers crossed!

So here's to getting back in a routine!😜

Monday: Beef Enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans, chips & salsa

Tuesday: Garlic & Herb Chicken, peas, mashed potatoes

Wednesday: leftovers/ cereal/.. whateva I ain't cooking

Thursday: Fried cube steak, green beans, baked potatoes & onions

Friday: Taco casserole, salad, corn

Saturday: kitchen closed

Sunday: Cola chicken, green bean casserole, stuffing, mac n cheese, peaches

Hope y'all have a great week and may your bellies never be empty and may the calories not count!😉

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The Fly that needed Jesus!

As I was putting on my makeup yesterday I heard the buzzing of a fly.  It was a long buzzzzz…an annoying buzz… a buzz that made me get up out of my chair to see what was going on.  Actually, I hate a fly and I was going to put it out of its’ misery.  What I didn’t know was that we had a spider web behind my window shutter and the fly… was … caught!  Caught in the web!   At first I thought.. eewww…gross, gotta clean the windows!   I then became entranced with what happened next.  It was like watching a episode on animal planet.  I know this may sound crazy, and maybe you’re thinking that I have too much time on my hands,.. maybe I do.. …?…..NO! I don’t! I just got side tracked for a minute, but seriously.… Have you EVER watched a spider after they catch their prey?  It’s kind of freaky, the smarts of a spider…  they’re rather patient too.  They spin a web, and wait for something to fall into it.  I watched this spider after the fly had gotten trapped, it was trying to break free!  It was moving all around, and I thought well it’s going to fly out of the trap and then annoy me, better get ready to swat!  As I waited I watched the spider begin to spin under the fly and all around.  I thought, What in the world is that spider doing?  Taunting the fly..?? maybe?  ….

Nope.. the spider was busy spinning a backup plan in case it escaped it would fall into another trap!  Then it connected to the two major webs holding the fly into position and it begin to move up and away from the fly,… pulling it tighter and tighter until the fly STOPPED buzzing.

After waiting for the fly to stop buzzing, the spider would climb down toward the fly to inject it’s poison.  But, nope,.. the little fly kept buzzing, and the spider climbed back upward, holding tight till the fly gave up hope.  This happened several times.  It was like a tug-of-war.  Finally, the fly gave up, and stopped buzzing.. and just like that, the spider had lunch.

As I thought about this it reminded me of sin and satan.  Here we are, little flies in the world, we get caught in a web, and there’s satan trying to have a back up plan to catch us yet again!  Maybe it’s a WEB of lies,…one lie leads to the next lie, which leads to the next…… on and on.. it goes.  Many of us give up HOPE, we try to control things in our own strength and we end up getting caught,… AGAIN.. over and over!

In that moment, I wanted to free the little fly… but I didn’t.  The poor thing, helpless,… he needed a friend, …

The fly needed JESUS!

When Jesus enters in…. he sets things STRAIGHT!  He is our chain breaker!  He breaks the chains (webs) of sin, lies, and destruction.  He is the HOPE giver!

If you are suffering today, in your web of sin…..

Cry out to The LORD!  Only HE can save, restore, and redeem!!!  Stop falling for the schemes of the enemy.  Stop trying to do it YOUR WAY!  You’re just going to get caught again.

I shared with a group a ladies this week Psalm 61!  I thought it was so fitting for this story! May it encourage you! Lead me to the ROCK that is HIGHER!


1 Hear my cry, O God;
    listen to my prayer.

From the ends of the earth I call to you,
    I call as my heart grows faint;
    lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
For you have been my refuge,
    a strong tower against the foe.

I long to dwell in your tent forever
    and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.
For you, God, have heard my vows;
    you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.

Increase the days of the king’s life,
    his years for many generations.
May he be enthroned in God’s presence forever;
    appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him.

Then I will ever sing in praise of your name
    and fulfill my vows day after day.





A Busy Week

We didn’t start off very well last week.  We lost a very Dear Uncle on Tues.  Uncle Charlie found out he had Pancreatic Cancer about 1 month ago.  He had started chemo,.. and just went downhill from there.  Our family will miss him so much! He was a Great Man, and mentor to many in our community.. but, especially to my husband Matt.  Uncle Charlie was an Ordained Minister and was a Pastor at Fairhaven Baptist Church for over 20+ years.  He loved the Lord and we know that he is in a much better place!  
It was an honor to sing at his funeral, however, it was difficult. 
We will miss you Uncle Charlie!
On Friday we opened our home to a FABULOUS group of young ladies!  
We had a Blast with this group of girls from Encounter Weekend.  Here they are getting their game faces on before Rec. time on Sat.
They decided to dress up in camo to go along with the Duck Dynasty theme.  They Rocked that Camo!

They did pretty Great at Rec time too! 3RD Place!!! Whoop! Whoop! 😉  I pray that they won’t forget what they learned this weekend and that they will apply it to their lives daily!  
Can’t wait for Encounter 2014! (Our Broughton will be in attendance.. Can’t believe that one)
And guess who is going to Nationals in Kentucky in May?!

This cool kid!

Yep! Yep! Our DCMS qualified for Nationals on Wed. of last week!  We are very proud! 
 My little Robin Hood! 

Of course.. we can’t end one week or start another week without a BANG!  Isaiah got sick while staying at my sister’s this weekend.  Poor fella,.. he started running fever..
Had to take him to the Dr. on Sunday night & he tested POSITIVE for the FLU!
Then,.. I got a call from school on Monday about McKenna..
Yep… it was the flu.

Now,.. Matt has it! 😦

It’s terrible! And,.. I’m so tired of playing NURSE!  I’m taking Tamiflu just in case,.. hoping and praying I don’t get it!  McKenna was able to go back to school today so hopefully she is better.  As for Matt & Isaiah.. it’s a coughing fest!
Please pray for us.. that this nasty stuff will go AWAY!


It’s Official..Official!

The paper we all wait for …finally came! Isaiah became a citizen immediately after entering the US, but we have nothing in writing until we receive this certificate of Citizenship! Oh Happy Day!!! God is Good!


So Excited!

I’m so SUPER Excited!!!

My BBF & her husband are on their way RIGHT NOW to CHINA to adopt their sweet baby girl Hannah! I feel like I’m going back to China! I’ve only checked her blog like 5 times today .. just Waiting.. for her to say they’re in China!  Kerri & Erik started their journey to adopt a few months before us.  We were SOOO hoping to travel together but, God had other plans.  That’s okay.. I’m still just as excited!!!

You can follow their blog at:

Gotcha Day is in T-minus 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I…can… hardly….WAIT!


Boys Will Be Boys

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a little boy in the house! Isaiah is All boy for sure!
Loves all Super-Heros… Including Spider-Man…

And loves his water boots!

So much.. That he put them on before bedtime. Lol!

Yep… Gotta love life with a boy-child!

He defiantly has this mommas heart!

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My Misconception

First let me say that this post is NOT to tear down my son or talk negative about him in any way. I only wanted to share my experience with others that are considering adopting an older child.. to help prepare them for the normal things that may occur during an older child adoption & encourage them … That the rewards are great & things Do get better.

When we knew for sure that Isaiah was in fact ours, we knew how old he was. Having just turned 6 in July, I was okay with the age & given my education… I was very much aware of how a 6 year acts. I was in some ways relieved that he wasn’t a baby,.. because honestly, there comes a time in ones life that you just KNOW that “that” stage of your life.. is over.. well, at least until Grandbabies come along. I have a LONG time before that happens! 😉 We knew there would be some developmental delays.. possibly he would act like a 4 year old. But, no book prepared us for what we experienced those first few days.

He literally acted like a 2/3 yr. old.
-He had to touch EVERYTHING at least a half dozen times.
-He tried sticking things in the sockets while in China.
-He would pick up anything & put in his mouth. One day at the noodle restaurant (which is a hole in the side of the street) we were waiting for our noodles & I was holding one hand & with the other I watched him pick up a noodle that was left on the table and slurp it into his mouth! I wanted to shout & pour germ-x down his mouth! EEwww!!!
-He couldn’t sit still at meal time or wait .. or leave his plate, chop sticks, cups, saucer, (you name it) alone. By the third outing…if we had to wait,.. we moved everything out of his reach. You wouldn’t believe the stares we got! I learned that a GOOD hard AMERICAN stare back at’ya would do the trick! 😉 (I know.. sounds real Christian.. sorry.. I was weak.. & I caved!) The stares did stop it though.. i tried smiling.. that only angered me!
-He didn’t know what a toilet was or how to sit on one.
-He walked out of our hotel room…we had to chain lock it.. then he learned how to open that! But, after some time-outs he learned NOT to do it again! Praise the LORD!
-He was over stimulated at bath time. He thought it was a pool.
-He would NOT make eye-contact when in trouble! DROVE us nuts! He would act like we weren’t talking to him! We would sit him down in time-out and point to our eyes.. then his eyes.. and say.. “look at Mama, or Baba” We would NOT let him up until he did it! We would sit right there on the floor with him. No matter how long it took. If he looked away while we were talking.. we would repeat.. “.. look at Mama,.. etc.” (Don’t give in.. don’t give up… they will eventually look at you.) Have Patience!
-We could NOT take our hands off of him for a second.. because, if we did.. he would walk away.. and possibly RUN! (& he thought this was funny) Remember my post about my “death-grip”.. 😉 He learned that he WOULD hold my hand.. like it or not… which brings us to another .. thing.
-He thought that if he would try to fall out on the ground and lay there, he might not be made to hold our hand. NOT! We would just pick him up and move on.
-We ALWAYS had to do a pocket-check before leaving a store. We learned that even with one hand free he would stuff something in his pocket. I called myself watching his every move.. I still don’t know how some of those things got in that pocket!
-He knows no boundaries. If we saw other children playing or eating.. he would walk up to them and try to take their things or eat their food.

When we adopted Faith, she was 21 mths. of age. She had been in foster care her whole life and she was very independent and MUCH more mature than Isaiah was at 6! I was so unprepared for these actions that really Wore us out while in China. I must admit, there was a day that I just had to go to the bath room and cry.. & pray for Patience & Wisdom on how to parent him in a Godly way. God reminded me of a verse I recently memorized….

Galatians 5:22 says..
“But, the Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-Control.

I knew that I only possessed these things through having the Spirit within me & that was how I was going to Parent Isaiah. I had the Love down.. I had loved that little boy since the minute I saw him in that crib in 2007! He had already brought us much JOY & there was so much PEACE in adopting him & having him in our Family! He just fit! Our guide said he had done over 3,000 adoptions..and out of all of those… he’d never seen a child that fit more perfectly into a family. It was as if he had always been with us.
Now, it was time for me to use the Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness & Self-Control with him. Teaching him these things,.. because,.. how else will he learn?
I will never forget a commercial that came out several years ago. It was about a parent confronting their teenager about the use of drugs. The dad was appalled at his kid & he said “Where did you learn about this?”
The kids response,..
“BY YOU, ALRIGHT!, I learned it by watching YOU?!”

Y’all remember that?! It stuck with me!

That is with anything.. not just drugs & alcohol. But, our children learn by watching us. How we act, how Re-act. They will mimic what they see. I want to teach my children positive things… Godly things. So, that they can pass it on to their children!.. And, so on.

Through this journey God has taught us many things. We wouldn’t trade any of those moments above for anything. After all, that is our job as parents .. to teach him right from wrong. .. up from down.. dangers.. and calm any fears he may have.

We have come a long way since those first few days & with every day.. it gets better. He is learning so much. He’s like a little sponge & he’s already speaking some English. One phrase he knows well & uses it correctly.. “Don’t touch-ah!”
lol! I overheard him telling McKenna this yesterday after she tried playing with his toy.
We love him so much & are so Thankful that God brought him into our lives. I sometimes watch him while he sleeps.. laying there.. STILL.. ;).. and I think.. how hard it is to believe that God brought him to us. The same little boy we held at only a year old. It is mind-blowing! As I’ve said before.. only God can do such a thing.. and

I am confident that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to the completion until the day of Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 1:6