Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday!

Well, I haven’t done a Thankful Thursday post in awhile.. what is wrong with me?… :0)
I have Plenty to be Thankful for!

*I am Thankful for the birth of my baby nephew Eli. What a Gift!! I’m also thankful for a great delivery .. with no complications!! Praise YOU, Oh GOD!

*I’m thankful for McKenna’s (my middle child) tender heart. Last night she was looking at a picture in a book I was reading to her… it was of a mother and child. It really is a sweet picture.. she looked at me & she had tears in her eyes.. & she said. “momma that picture remembers me of.. me & you when I was a little baby.” How sweet is she?!! She is soo tenderhearted … just like her momma!!

*Matt & I gave our testimony on Sunday about our adoption. All things went well praise God!! I could feel the peace of God with me as I sang and spoke.

*I’m thankful for the talents God has given me with making hairbows & a little bit of sewing.

*My friend Machell is on her way TODAY to China to get baby NATE!! Please pray for them!

*I’m thankful for GODLY friends that God has put in my life ..who encourage me & pray for me!!

*I’m thankful for a rekindled friendship.

*I’m thankful for God’s blessings with Blogs For Babies!!

*I was talking on the phone with Jill this week & thinking how wonderful it was to catch up with her!! She & I ALMOST went to China together.. we thought we were and we became instant friends.. by meeting OVER the INTERNET! Don’t laugh.. I used to laugh at people who said that line… but those who Blog.. understand the value in a friend met over the Internet! Actually.. that leads me to anther thanks..

*I’m thankful for the Internet… otherwise HOW would I been able to meet such wonderful Godly people all around the world!!

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

“Trust In the Lord, with ALL your Heart & trust not unto your own understanding but in ALL your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct thy paths”

Proverbs 3:5-6

This is my ALL time favorite verse in the Bible. I will never forget when Matt & I first married. Matt was a football coach and in March of 97′, I had moved 3 hours away from my family. Which I was VERY close to & still am today. It was SOOO hard for me.. I mean.. I still lived at home with momma & daddy for crying out loud!! But I loved this man whom God had called to be my Beloved! I was so excited and I moved away from everything that I held dear. Three months later we relocated to a new school that was only an hour from my home town. I was so Thankful that I was closer and we formed many Great relationships with people that we still stay in touch with today! We LOVED IT, everything about it,…the small town, the new house with a pool, a great church family, great friends, I worked with Pre-K (which I absolutely miss!!!) we just loved it.

A year later my husband’s contract at the local school had not been renewed (if you’re a coaches wife… you understand… sometimes.. contracts are NOT renewed for Whatever reason) Anyway, we were shocked!! I was devastated! I didn’t understand…?? I had many questions to God.. as to “What was He thinking?” like I should be questioning Him.. I mean .. REALLY!!

Matt had started a local FCA huddle there at the school and it was THRIVING! He had two of the most wonderful young Christian leaders ever, in charge of the huddle! When they heard about our leaving they too were saddened, but happy for what God had in store for us. They came to our house bearing a simple gift. I will never forget it as LONG as I live! It was this simple verse that was framed. And, as I peeled back the paper from this special gift… I began to read it and it was like GOD himself had lifted a veil from my eyes and said “KEISHA, TRUST IN ME! I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!” Tears just rolled down my face & at that moment all the fears of moving and relocating had been taken away!! I knew HE was in charge and that I had to put my Trust In Him and everything was going to be okay!

Ever since that day, that small framed verse has been the focal point of Every living room (TEE HEE, he was a coach.. so we moved… alot!) we ever had! It is still holds True that God will take care of us “The Walker Household” no matter what.. we just have to put our Trust in HIM!!

I just had to throw this ole’ thing in there two! Look how young we look! Man! Hard to believe it’s been 11 years already!

  1. Thank you Lord for a Wonderful Helpmate!
  2. Thank you for your promise given long ago that you graciously opened my eyes to, to cling on to & put my Trust in You.
  3. Thank you for all the friendships made along the way in our coaching career.
  4. Thank you for those to come!

FYI: It just so happens that God allowed Matt to start an FCA huddle at Every school we’ve been too, which I think that was God’s way of keeping Matt in the loop because HE knew what the future held for Matt in the ministry of FCA!! He now works Full time with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes! How Awesome is That?

By the way… 2 weeks after I received that framed verse… God confirmed that we were to move another 3 hours away from my family!! Can you believe that?!! But, it was the best move yet!!! Matt & I learned to cling to each other and I learned to rely on God!!

Blessings To All!!

Thankful Thursday

What’s been going on at the Walker Household & My Thankful Thursday…

Well, it’s been awhile since I updated everyone on the kiddo’s & this also goes along with my Thankful Thursday ..I am Thankful For my children…I love them sooo much!! These are a few pictures from this past week! It’s been a wild one! I also figured I might better put some pictures up before my family has a hissy-fit! ;0) lol!! Yes, We’ve been busy!!

Click on photo’s to enlarge & Enjoy!

Broughton’s playing ball.

McKenna’s enjoying Ballet!

Faith’s given-up Potty training!

I curled the girls’ hair!

Aren’t they the cutest!! AWWW!!!
“Thank you Lord for these Wonderful Gifts you’ve given me & Matt”