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The Artist Party

McKenna’s Artist Party was a Huge Success!  The girls had a ball painting & enjoying each other’s company.  I found out that most all girls Love to Craft! We had the party at our Papa’s cabin, & it was so nice to have the extra room, not to mention the clean-up wasn’t so bad either! 

 If you were to ask McKenna what her favorite color would be.. it would be a close tie between zebra and camo.  Yes, in her world.. they ARE colors!   I LOVE that she is just so versatile!  My little red-neck girl 😉
She already knew she wanted Mrs. Rachel to fix her “Zebra cake” & she even explained “How” she wanted it!    She wanted a horse in the center with grass!  Great JOB to my friend Rachel! It was just what she wanted! 
I LOVED making those easy paintbrushes   So did the girls 😉   Easy Peasy!  It was just Rice Krispy treats dipped into colored candy melts, place a craft stick in one end & Voila . a Paintbrush!  I made a trip to HomeDepot for my table decor.  My Mom made the “paint sticks” which were pretzel rods dipped in candy-qik, then rolled in sugar sprinkles. 


(fyi: gummy worms for 8-9 year old girls go FAST)

All these ideas came from my favorite site.. Pinterest!

I called in a WONDERFUL Friend and Artist, Mrs. Mary, who taught the the girls how to paint on canvas. She had a Peace theme that they all painted.  It was neat to see all of their different styles.   Each friend received her own 8×10 matte and we got started.   Mrs. Mary supplied all of the paint and materials.  She came prepared! She does this on the side,.. & I’m working on getting together with some friends and have the same kind of party! CAN’t WAIT!
IMG_3724  IMG_3722

I must credit my Lovely, Talented Sister for the pictures!  I love her work!  She can make a portrait out of any photo she takes!

And, my kids.. they smile & pose for her like Nobody’s business….


Just look at those Photos!

Aren’t they GREAT!!

She even had a photo-shoot with each little girl! She’s editing those now, so I hopefully I can share later. 😉   I’m leaving you with a slideshow of the girls in action!  If you live in our area & would like contact information on my Artist friend Mrs. Mary or my fab Cake-baking friend Rachel….;)  shoot me an email.  They are both the BOMB at what they do!
Have a Colorful day!


It doesn’t take much to make me happy

Yes,.. it’s true!
You all may remember a post awhile back about how much I LOVED my itunes & my ipod. Well, I love it so much that a bought an AUX cable for my car so I could take that ipod with me wherever I rolled. Except,.. I didn’t realize that MY van didn’t have an aux port up front! POOH! I mean REALLY who would make such a cruel thing?! I have one in the back row that Broughton uses to play video games on thru the tube… I tried to tell hubs we needed the “touring” version!
Matt had a “hook up” (that’s another word for.. I have no idea what it’s called) that you could run through a radio frequency, but.. only problem is.. when you travel, it keeps loosing signal! Thus,.. I keep having to change frequencies! UGH!! After, a near death experience (that we will not go into on here) I decided that maybe the radio frequency thing wasn’t the option for me.
hum.. … I was pretty bummed!
Until the other day, my brother-in-law told me exactly what I needed to do! All it would cost me was probably 5 bucks!
He was RIGHT! I googled..Yes.. GOOGLED.. the type of cable I needed & I stumbled on this Awesome site called Oh, my Goodness I quickly had to put blinders on & go in for only what I needed! 😉
I found the right chord.. (a Y Audio Cable.. just in case you’re like me & haven’t a CLUE about what type of chord ya need) which was only 4.99, added a charger for $.99, and some cutesy covers, all for only $9 bucks! I ordered it yesterday at lunch, & it was on my back porch today after 1! OH.. how I “heart” internet orders! I didn’t even put on makeup or anything to get it! 😉
And, because I just have to blog with pictures… here are some for your viewing pleasure..
If Broughton takes that thingy out.. I will put him.. on tha roof of the van!
I hid the chord under the mats & seat so the kids won’t trip over anything.
There we have it.. now I can “ROCK ON” \ m />.<\ m /
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Broughton’s first camp!

I guess I knew that one day…
He would be old enough….
To go by himself!..
To Camp!

Last Friday, Broughton finished up a week of Winshape C3 camp with Family Fun Day!

We worshipped….

Cheered on “Safari”… (the group B-man was in.. notice the “S” he’s holding up) 😉
Watched our main man do what he does BEST…

Dang..fine shot! Like his mom,.. Of course. 😉

I tried showing him a few tips.. ( Bawahaaaahhaahaaaa!)
Then it was on to Wacky Science!
He was so creative & SMART!
Then.. he gets ….

Very Serious!
So Serious… he’ll HIT anything that comes his way!

See what I mean!

McKenna & Faith enjoyed catching the baby Peepers

See.. Baby Peepers.. lol! We were soaking up All of God’s Creation!!!
All in All.. Broughton and the rest of the crew from The Walker Household gave “Winshape C3” camp a 2 thumbs up!!
oh.. and…
Eat.. More.. chicken!
For more information about Winshape camps visit HERE!
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‘I just wanna.. BLOG-OG"… Oh ye..a..ahhh I wanna BLLLOOOGGGG!

(sung to the tune of my fav.. “Girls just wanna have fun!”)

LOL! Do you ever have those days or weeks when you have nothing to blog about… then, have something to blog about but don’t have time to blog,.. then find yourself with LOTS to blog about and you feel a little overwhelmed thinking “Lordy-B.. that’s going to be a L-O-N-G Post!!! lol

~Yep, that would be my week this week! 🙂 I have learned that for me “to blog” I either 1) get up earlier in the morning & JUST BLOG or 2) Not watch TV and JUST BLOG. I can NOT have 3 trains running on my track at the same time. What that means is… I can’t watch TV, blog, & carry on a conversation with my husband AT THE SAME TIME. When I write.. things need to be Silent! (well.. almost) 😉 I guess I’m just quirky like that!

Okay, first off.. THANK YOU for your comments on how to use my camera. I have had time to check out all the sites & you guys were soooo right.. THEY are AWESOME!!

iheartfaces had alot of the answers to my questions about Aperture & ISO speed & I have really learned alot. Still gotta a ways to go… but hey.. I’m proud! I took this one of Faith last Thurs. & I LOVVVE the way it turned out.. &&&&.. Guess what??.. My camera was NOT on AUTO! lol!! Yes, Yes, that’s right! No more training wheels for this Big Girl! lol!

So, I’m on my way girls!! look out!

Okay, on another note… Some of my friends from blog world have started a new T-shirt biz.It’s called Wild Olive tees & It IS AWESOME!!!! I love it! Here is the link to their shop. You have GOT to go check it out. They have lots of Awesome Christian designs to choose from. I am so proud of them!!! They plunged in (even during this hard economic time) & was Faithful to God & His calling & started this site. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!!!!!!!! I know God is smiling down.

Wild Olive Tees

I ordered my shirt(had a hard time choosing cuz, they’re all just so dang cute) BUT, if you are larger on the top.. you’re going to need an XL. That is .. if you have a roll that you MIGHT NOT want showing.. while wearing this cute shirt. I will admit.. I am not a 17yr. old anymore. So.. i ordered the wrong size.. L. Bummer, BUT.. I decided NOT to send it back.. I’m giving it to my girl Chloe. She’s our babysitter/on the FCA leadership team/sweet as shuga(sugar)/& just a WONDERFUL young Christian girl. I thought .. HEY, I can wear this shirt and touch some.. but,. Chloe can wear this shirt and touch MANY!!! So, I’ll order another for me.. SOON! 😉

I want to encourage you as a Christian to support these wonderful ladies and get YO’R shirt! If you think you wouldn’t wear it…. give it to a teen and help SPREAD the GOSPEL of Christ!!!!!

Also, I re-designed a blog yesterday. It was Nicole’s from The Baker’s Sweets! She has some BIG, BIG.. GOD BIG news to share.. you have got to read her post!! It will blow your socks off & you’ll be doing the cabbage-patch singing”.. Go God, Go God,.. GO GO.. Go God!!!”

LOVE YOU girls, and I’ll post some more pics and do a post later.. the kids & I went on a road trip this past Saturday.. wanna guess where we went???……………..

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Fall Fest…& a little more

We had a Blast at the Fall Festival at our church. The girls were….yup, you guessed it..GA Cheerleaders & Broughton was Indiana Jones! Isn’t he the most Handsome’st Indy you’ve ever seen? 😉 I think so! But, I am a little bias. lol!

Also…. LOOK what come in the mail for ME! (Well, cuz I ordered it.. but, anywho..)

Matt was stunned, but it made him feel really good! I DO love my MAN! He’s my sweetie!….. .OH, sorry… 😉 forgot you were still reading..

So I stumbled onto this site called From*Me Tees! They are AWESOME! I CAN NOT say enough about this site. They are Christians who promote marriage,… part of their proceeds goes to The Harkins House which is a safe house for young women facing unplanned pregnancies. I’m loving this site.. go check it out! In case you’re wondering.. YEAH, I’M PRO-LIFE… like the T-shirt says.. aren’t you glad your Mother WAS?! I mean.. really .. I Adopted for Heaven’s SAKE!.. How can you adopt and NOT be Pro-life?! Okay don’t get me started…back to From*Me Tees..My FAVORITE Tee-shirt place! 😉

Here’s what they stand for:
Mission Statement:
To enhance marriage relationships, communicate a positive image of marriage, and encourage/support the sanctity of the marriage covenant between a man and a woman in a fun and stylish way.

Click below to read the owners awesome testimony! If you ask me.. THEY ROCK!

&…just in case your wondering… YEP, Matt is getting this one:


Hugs to you All!