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One Determined , Compassionate & Fierce Momma

I don’t know if there’s anything sweeter on the farm than this site running around our yard.  She is one determined Momma! 

She sat on eggs for 21 days y’all!! Never got up! Never! We felt sorry for her and brought her feed and water inside the coop. And, finally after 21 days the eggs began to hatch. One by one, some took more than 21 days to hatch but she sat and waited patiently until they all hatched. 

She is compassionate! 

Our black bantam hen wanted her own chicks so bad!!! She tried sitting on eggs and of course she wouldn’t stay on them so we took them.  She has never been able to hatch any eggs. But, this Rhode Island thought “I have more than enough, so you can have one of mine.” 

Isn’t this just precious?!

She is fierce! 

Do NOT touch, chase, or try to help her babies! She will get you! 

The other day while in the garden, I thought one of her chicks were stuck in the fence so I tried to help it out. Before I knew what was happening I felt a sharp hammering on my hand! She had attacked me! 

And just like that, I stopped trying to help her baby chick!

I’ve also seen her put our bulldog aka “Sugar” on the steps! No one better mess with her babies! No One!  

I admire this hen. She has qualities that every Mother should have.



& a Fierce Love for her children and Will protect them at ALL cost! 

Happy Saturday!