Farm, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Goat’s Milk!

Milking a goat is No joke! At this rate our babies may starve!  A thimble full is not enough. Shewww…we are tired.

I’ve watched the videos.
Read..& read…..they make it look & sound so easy!

But…I am determined to make some goat cheese & goat milk soap!

Farm, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Beautiful Babies!

I know many of you have asked about our Lavendula and the babies…
Well she had us all watching her EVERY move for weeks! Then we just gave up rushing out every morning.. or coming home from town to find NOTHING!
Until… last night .. after church.  We knew…. and all of us (including the kids) were able to witness the miracle of birth!  Farmer Matt helped deliver the second… because it was breech.   It was amazing.. and YES.. I CRIED!

So.. here’s some shots from last night…

Meet Lily

 We’re not sure about the boy’s name yet…. any suggestions? 

Aren’t they the CUTEST things you ever did see?!!!

Ok.. with all that cuteness… who wants to volunteer at bottle feeding??  Anyone?  Anyone????

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Babies any time!!!!!!

It’s almost time!!!!! For babies! be exact.  😉
These are our older fur babies…..

He’s such a Lover! 🙂

And Lavendula

Lavendula is PG! Can you tell?! Bless.. her..heart!
We’ve been watching since Saturday. . (I thought kids were coming during both of our scheduled choir concerts..ekkkkkk)
You should see us..all in our Sunday best (me with heels)…speeding in the drive to the pen to check on Mama Lala! It is a sight!

No kids yet though….
The wait is on! Stay tuned for pictures of our new kids! 
How many babies do you think she has in there??????
I think.. she is SO over this pregnant thing!