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April-May catch up!

How is it that May is almost over with???? Here we are, had our last day of school and ready for our 3-day weekend! 

What happened in those two months? Well let’s see…. 

Faith got glasses 

Finally got her show Steer- aka- Little John😀

She sung in …dare I say...LAST Children’s musical🙀🎶

Probably had her LAST kids egg hunt at church
Can I stop now… I feel the tears wailing up!

We had a fun spring break with friends at Rigbys Sports Park!

Faith is a determined little girl & very smart! She’s finished the school year with AB Honor roll for the semester at GCA and is advancing to 6th grade! A middle schooler!!!! Wooowho!  Although, she misses friends, She will be homeschooled next year by a wonderful teacher… ME! Lol! No more elementary for the Walker academy! 😭 Looking forward to what he future holds for this spunky little thing!

On to McKenna…

She’s growing up and such a growny young woman. Ulta is her new favorite store (Lord help us) But, she’s still my little girl! Most days you can find her working in the show barn with her cow Opal! She takes it serious, and she’s very responsible! She has Veterinarian dreams and I pray that she soars! We have plenty of animals on the farm to keep her busy too! She’s finished up the school year at GCA and is moving on to the 8th Grade! OMyGosh!  She’s already excited to be enrolled with Abeka for next school year as she is loving being a homeschooler! 

See.. growny! Lol! But, we love her!

Now Our Bman … he hates when I put anything about him so I’m gonna do it up right! 

He got his two show steers however I only took pics of one..??? This is Rocky! He’s a short horn..& just a big ole’ baby! He’s going to be great in the show ring I believe. Bman also got a Hereford Steer from Brogden Farms! His name is Copper, he’s in the process of getting halter broke right now and he’s a beast! Can’t wait for show season!

This was Bman’s third year with the Dodge Co. shot gun team! He qualified for state at the Vidalia meet with shooting 23 out of 25 clays. He’s a Great shooter! Many days at practice he would shoot a 24/25! How he does it is a mystery to some but I know he gets his skills from me, of course! Ha! The state meet was held at Rock Eagle and it was A WET messy day… but there’s was NO cancellation even in the rain! Who knew??! He scored a 21/25 .. not his best but dog on it that’s pretty good to me!!! Proud of him! So thankful to the Great coaches he has had in shotgun! These men do a fantastic job!


As much as Bman loves hunting and shooting he loves fishing too! He hooked this monster of a crappie in January, and we got the mount back last weekend. 

He was one happy young man, who now holds bragging rights! No more smack talking from this Momma,, well not for awhile anyways.  Broughton will be returning to public school next year at his daddy’s alma mater. He is excited about the .. 11th grade. 

How in the world ??!!! 11th grade?!  He’s a good kid! There are no complaints here. God has blessed us! Truly he has! Oh! And I guess I should add that he’s a pretty darn good rumy player too! Beat us all at our last family game night! 

He’s also a good driver but cares nothing about driving much. ?? We are working on those licenses and in the next month I should be able to send him on errand runs! Lol!!  

April and May flew in and out just like that! We are getting ready for these June blessings…

  • Oklahoma Cow Camp 
  • Soccer Camp
  • South Dakota mission trip
  • Lake Oconee youth trip

It’s gonna be a busy month yet again!!! 


Love my girl. …

Even though we may not be with our church family this morning. … I’m thankful that she “gets it”.
This is the day that the Lord had made!!


Friends are the Best!

Had to share the photo shoot my sister had with the girls at the Birthday party!!!
I LOVE them!
I got this idea from a friends blog Ciao Bella!  Thanks Dawn!  We went to a local flea market, & purchased the from for under $5.  I let McKenna clean & paint it.  (I had the left-over paint)  My sis took each little girls photo holding the frame.  They turned out great!  I won’t share them here.. we have a little surprise in store for each friend. 😉
My sweet Kenna!
My little boo!
Thanks to my sis again for all the GREAT shots!!!
McKenna, Recomendations

The Artist Party

McKenna’s Artist Party was a Huge Success!  The girls had a ball painting & enjoying each other’s company.  I found out that most all girls Love to Craft! We had the party at our Papa’s cabin, & it was so nice to have the extra room, not to mention the clean-up wasn’t so bad either! 

 If you were to ask McKenna what her favorite color would be.. it would be a close tie between zebra and camo.  Yes, in her world.. they ARE colors!   I LOVE that she is just so versatile!  My little red-neck girl 😉
She already knew she wanted Mrs. Rachel to fix her “Zebra cake” & she even explained “How” she wanted it!    She wanted a horse in the center with grass!  Great JOB to my friend Rachel! It was just what she wanted! 
I LOVED making those easy paintbrushes   So did the girls 😉   Easy Peasy!  It was just Rice Krispy treats dipped into colored candy melts, place a craft stick in one end & Voila . a Paintbrush!  I made a trip to HomeDepot for my table decor.  My Mom made the “paint sticks” which were pretzel rods dipped in candy-qik, then rolled in sugar sprinkles. 


(fyi: gummy worms for 8-9 year old girls go FAST)

All these ideas came from my favorite site.. Pinterest!

I called in a WONDERFUL Friend and Artist, Mrs. Mary, who taught the the girls how to paint on canvas. She had a Peace theme that they all painted.  It was neat to see all of their different styles.   Each friend received her own 8×10 matte and we got started.   Mrs. Mary supplied all of the paint and materials.  She came prepared! She does this on the side,.. & I’m working on getting together with some friends and have the same kind of party! CAN’t WAIT!
IMG_3724  IMG_3722

I must credit my Lovely, Talented Sister for the pictures!  I love her work!  She can make a portrait out of any photo she takes!

And, my kids.. they smile & pose for her like Nobody’s business….


Just look at those Photos!

Aren’t they GREAT!!

She even had a photo-shoot with each little girl! She’s editing those now, so I hopefully I can share later. 😉   I’m leaving you with a slideshow of the girls in action!  If you live in our area & would like contact information on my Artist friend Mrs. Mary or my fab Cake-baking friend Rachel….;)  shoot me an email.  They are both the BOMB at what they do!
Have a Colorful day!

Family, McKenna

The Weekend Project Results….

Last week I posted a cupcake tier picture that was made by Bakerella. McKenna wanted to bring cupcakes to her Valentine’s party so… she searched for the perfect cupcakes on the net…
I let her do most of the work & she had a ball!! I think she did a pretty good job! McKenna has such a servants heart & to make something for others.. …makes her want to giggle & dance with Pride! I love it! The smile on her face as she brought them into her class.. was absolutely PRICELESS! I’m so thankful for the little things that this kiddo does! She’s very thoughtful & creative!
cupcakes 101
cupcakes 101_1
We purchased a cardboard cupcake tier from W@lmart & McKenna decorated it with some leftover heart stickers from our craft bin.
My Loves 2012
These were the smiling faces I saw on Valentines Morning!!! I love them so much! I can never thank God enough for these precious Blessings in my life!!
my goodies
Speaking of being thoughtful & creative.. I believe she gets alot of it from her Daddy!!!! He fixed me a surprise Goody basket from the kids & a little surprise from him!!! Would you look at those ruby earrings!!!!! There is a story behind those earrings.. hopefully I will be able to share soon… !! The basket was complete with chocolate & Foot bath salts!!!! **sigh** Boy, does he know the way to my heart!!!
So,… after a busy week… I’m going to sit back,.. soak my toes…& eat some chocolate!! Hope you all have a great Weekend!
McKenna, Our Baby Faith

The Birthday Girls!

It is hard to believe another year has come & gone! Seems like their birthday’s sneak up on me every year! The first of Oct. the girls turned “8” & “6”. This year, we had another quite family party for both girls. They couldn’t have been more happier. Well,… unless they had a sleep over. Geesh! They have been begging me for awhile now & we just haven’t said yes to that … yet. I’m sure it’s coming & we won’t be able to hold them off any longer. 😉
Thanks to my lil‘ sis for this Awesome picture! It’s almost perfect.. …. for some reason Broughton decided he would make a crazy face!

It was either this one to post … or this… one…

Yeah,… he’s really excited .. i know! LOL!

This is WHY I do NOT kill myself in trying to take family portraits!

I mean really… why.. should I put myself through unnecessary torture..???!

😉 lol!