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Cruzin the Bahamas

It’s hard to believe that over two weeks ago we set sail on “The Liberty” of Carnival. It’s also hard to believe it’s taken me THIS LONG to upload the photos!  Life is busy here!

Matt & I had a fabulous time on our cruise to the Bahamas.  It was our 20th Anniversary in March so we decided to Cruise!  I’m so glad that we did!  We made lots of memories, & met a few new friends!  God is Good!

The excursions we signed up for were the V.I.P. Beach Get-a-way for two in Nassau & The Reef Snorkel & dolphin encounter in Freeport.  Both excursions were AMAZING!  My husband surprised me with the beach day (because he’s romantic like that) which I LOVE!  EVERY PICTURE was virtually post card WORTHY!!  I mean seriously… it doesn’t get much better than a private beach, welcomed by mimosas, lounger’s for two, lunch for two, and a sweet waiter!!!  Who, by the way, knew about the Lord,.. but hopefully will get plugged in after Matt spoke with her.  We should ALWAYS share about our God “as we go”! Amen?!

blue lagoon_1blue lagoon_2blue lagoon_4blue lagoon_5

On the morning of our 2nd excursion, we got bad news & good news.. bad=the water was too rough to snorkel, good=… they upgraded us to a Dolphin Experience!  This was THE HIGH LIGHT of our entire TRIP!!   God’s Blessing for sure!  We got to get into the water as a couple (with the guide instructor) and do tricks with them, hug them, kiss them, it was AMAZING!!  We were both like kids!  It was defiantly worth every penny they asked for!!! Highly recommend this excursion to anyone!


dolphin 2

Our new friend, “Indy”!  We bonded instantly!  Sure wish we had room for him on the farm!  I tried my best to get him to come home with me, but unfortunately he had to stay in Freeport.. something about not having an appropriate home here for him… blah,.. blah…blah…!  LOL!  dolphin selfie


I love this MAN!  He is such a blessing to me and our family!  Being married for 20 years is rare. If it weren’t for God at the center of our marriage we wouldn’t be together. Hands down! So a little advice to the young ones out there…

  • Make God the center of your marriage!
  • Make time for each other
  • Communication is Key
  • LOVE

For more pictures check out our link:


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It’s Hot!

These days.. if you’re gonna do anything outside….
it better involve “WATER”!

This summer we’ve spent a lot of time at Gran & Big Daddy’s because they got a POOL a month ago! YAY! We have been lazy bums…… I tell ya! Today I had some things to do at the house so I let the kids play in the yard. I pulled out the twirling daisy to keep them cool & I let them throw water balloons. Sadly,.. they threw all of the balloons at each other before I could even get a PIC! lol! They couldn’t wait. 😉
Enjoy the pics & Have a great weekend!!

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Silly Faces & the K@rate Kid!

My Girls….

They Always make me Laugh! We were working on our silly faces. 😉

This is the way Faith likes to wear her goggles…. LOL!

Faith showing off her Karate Kid moves. 😉

McKenna said.. “Faith can do the Karate Kid .. cause.. she’s Chinese!

Yep! They are a hoot, & make me laugh everyday!

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So many…..

Silly Bands!
Who woulda’ thunk that such a thing as “Silly Bands” would be an ingenious IDEA for kids?!

Seriously,.. why didn’t I think of them?!

I could be on some island right now with these precious kiddos…

But, Instead..

Here we sit…

Counting the Countless SILLY BANDS!

Kuddos to you… Silly Band Maker! You receive TOO much of my Money!