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How can I be a better friend?

A good friend is hard to find.

I once thought I had a lot of good friends, but Honey-child let yourself get caught up in the gossip ring and your friends run like cockroaches when the lights are turned on in the kitchen!

Having a tough season in life is bad, but the lessons & growth that we’ve experienced through it all has been priceless!

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t be a crowd pleaser!

I have always been a people pleaser, but, God has broken me of that now. It is apparent by the lack of close friends, in my life. Going with the crowd and tickling ears makes You WEAK! Makes you lose FOCUS! Paul wasn’t liked very well either… why?.. he spoke the hard truth and he had scripture to back himself up! He was blunt.. he called people fools! Gotta love Paul!

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ! (Galatians 1:10)

To be obedient and pleasing to God is far greater than anything or any friend you will ever know on this earth!

2. Be a better friend!

I’m guilty! I will be the first to admit it! But, through this trial we’ve learned how to recognize a true friend and how to be a better one ourselves!

The Bible says that Jonathan and Davids’ hearts were knit together!(1 Sam. 18:1-8)

David was running from his besties’ daddy! True story! But NEVER ONCE, do you read of Jonathan’s disappearance in David’s life! Instead, he gave him his armor! WOW! What a friend! Are YOU that type of friend? I’m sure David was in the gossip ring.. as a matter of fact it was the gossip ring that made Sauls anger burn!!! “David’s killed tens of thousands to King Saul”   Where was David? By his friends side! Believe that!

I recently listened to a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley. He gives 11 Building blocks of friendships that are crucial! They are the characteristics of a genuine friend. Here’s what a  friend does..

  1. They delight in us and they are a joy to be around.
  2. They develop us, encouraging us in our faith. They help us to become better than what we are!
  3. They drive us, they push us to jump out of our comfort zones.
  4. TIME- here’s one we all struggle with! Be available!
  5. Triumphs, share those victories in life! You rejoice in what they are accomplishing!! When your friend has done something you Facebook and Instagram it! Buddy you let the whole world know how proud you are of them more importantly you let that friend know it! If you don’t.. then you’re just a jealous Nenny!
  6. Trials, be there …during trials!! We all have them, don’t be an ostrich with you head in the sand! Remember, one day you will have a trial… where do you want your bff to be???? “Geniune friendships aren’t built on when everything is going right!
  7. Have a thankful heart❤️ and be loyal. This friend you can call anytime & tell them anything and you are so thankful you have a friend like that!
  8. Be thoughtful! Little cards, texts, an invite over for dinner! “Thoughtfulness comes from the inside”
  9. Tolerance. Be willing to forgive and be patient.. but don’t be a doormat! A person saying they’re sorry… fixes the problem or action! Remember that!
  10. Transparency. Don’t hide things about yourself! Be real.. People. Dang! That’s were God gets the Glory …is in fixing your mess of a life! Amen?!
  11. Truthfulness.  “If a person isn’t truthful you can’t have a friendship!” That means in all things you speak the truth in love! ❤️ Then you hang around them, you don’t coward and run away! Hearing hard truth is … well.. hard! Why would you share it …then abandon someone. Check on that person. Pray with them, let them know you care!!!!!

In closing I will say this.. it all starts with YOU! I’m thankful that God used Dr. Charles Stanley and this article below to HELP me become a better friend and to recognize true friendship when I see it!

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The Fly that needed Jesus!

As I was putting on my makeup yesterday I heard the buzzing of a fly.  It was a long buzzzzz…an annoying buzz… a buzz that made me get up out of my chair to see what was going on.  Actually, I hate a fly and I was going to put it out of its’ misery.  What I didn’t know was that we had a spider web behind my window shutter and the fly… was … caught!  Caught in the web!   At first I thought.. eewww…gross, gotta clean the windows!   I then became entranced with what happened next.  It was like watching a episode on animal planet.  I know this may sound crazy, and maybe you’re thinking that I have too much time on my hands,.. maybe I do.. …?…..NO! I don’t! I just got side tracked for a minute, but seriously.… Have you EVER watched a spider after they catch their prey?  It’s kind of freaky, the smarts of a spider…  they’re rather patient too.  They spin a web, and wait for something to fall into it.  I watched this spider after the fly had gotten trapped, it was trying to break free!  It was moving all around, and I thought well it’s going to fly out of the trap and then annoy me, better get ready to swat!  As I waited I watched the spider begin to spin under the fly and all around.  I thought, What in the world is that spider doing?  Taunting the fly..?? maybe?  ….

Nope.. the spider was busy spinning a backup plan in case it escaped it would fall into another trap!  Then it connected to the two major webs holding the fly into position and it begin to move up and away from the fly,… pulling it tighter and tighter until the fly STOPPED buzzing.

After waiting for the fly to stop buzzing, the spider would climb down toward the fly to inject it’s poison.  But, nope,.. the little fly kept buzzing, and the spider climbed back upward, holding tight till the fly gave up hope.  This happened several times.  It was like a tug-of-war.  Finally, the fly gave up, and stopped buzzing.. and just like that, the spider had lunch.

As I thought about this it reminded me of sin and satan.  Here we are, little flies in the world, we get caught in a web, and there’s satan trying to have a back up plan to catch us yet again!  Maybe it’s a WEB of lies,…one lie leads to the next lie, which leads to the next…… on and on.. it goes.  Many of us give up HOPE, we try to control things in our own strength and we end up getting caught,… AGAIN.. over and over!

In that moment, I wanted to free the little fly… but I didn’t.  The poor thing, helpless,… he needed a friend, …

The fly needed JESUS!

When Jesus enters in…. he sets things STRAIGHT!  He is our chain breaker!  He breaks the chains (webs) of sin, lies, and destruction.  He is the HOPE giver!

If you are suffering today, in your web of sin…..

Cry out to The LORD!  Only HE can save, restore, and redeem!!!  Stop falling for the schemes of the enemy.  Stop trying to do it YOUR WAY!  You’re just going to get caught again.

I shared with a group a ladies this week Psalm 61!  I thought it was so fitting for this story! May it encourage you! Lead me to the ROCK that is HIGHER!


1 Hear my cry, O God;
    listen to my prayer.

From the ends of the earth I call to you,
    I call as my heart grows faint;
    lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
For you have been my refuge,
    a strong tower against the foe.

I long to dwell in your tent forever
    and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.
For you, God, have heard my vows;
    you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.

Increase the days of the king’s life,
    his years for many generations.
May he be enthroned in God’s presence forever;
    appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him.

Then I will ever sing in praise of your name
    and fulfill my vows day after day.




God teaching me learning

A lesson from Jeremiah

Can I just be real?…
I’ll admit.
Sometimes… life is just hard.
Sometimes I think “If the world just didn’t have mean people… it would be a great world.”
But then, I’m reminded… the world is full of mean people and evil doers. It’s been full of them since sin entered the world. 
Satan’s cunning and persuasive tactics are used on many. Millions blinded.
Billions without hope. I too have fallen prey to his schemes at times. I’ve been that mean person. I’m not perfect.
God convicts me of my sin & I cry out to Him to make me whole and forgive me of my sins. He so graciously Loves and cares for me!
Recently, I started a new bible study with our ladies group at church. It’s a study of Jeremiah.  
The subtitle:
“Daring to Hope in an Unstable World”
As Jeremiah pressed on in obedience, life really wasn’t that much easier for him.
Yesterday , I longed for an easier life..in this unstable world!
You see, I will be the first to admit that I’m a people pleaser. I don’t like it when people are upset with me.
I don’t know WHEN I will ever learn that old saying…
“You can’t please everyone”
Really we should revisit that and think Why am I trying to please anyone other than God?
I also do not like lies being spread about me …or anyone for that matter! It’s just nasty! I don’t think you are ever more like Satan than when you lie and deceive someone! It’s truly shameful!
Sometimes some people will not accept the truth…even if proof is right in front of their faces! 
It’s truly sickening!
My first instinct is to try and fix it, get to the horses mouth and stamp that lie right  out of there! “Somebody give me a microphone ..Please.” Or in this day.. let’s do a Facebook live and tell 1,000+ friends the truth!
  But really, would it make a difference?
But in our case it’s better to leave it where it’s at.
Let God handle it… 
and He will handle it!
Oh… but Yesterday 
I didn’t want God to have that thing!
I struggled 
I’m not going to lie
I wrestled 
I fumed
I fussed
I may have cussed.
Sometimes we just don’t understand things that happen in our lives.
One thing is sure,
If God brought us to it,
He will bring us through it!
As I stop and look at our lives.. I see that
He Has!
Brought us so through it!
He’s blessed us in so many ways! He’s surrounded us with such Good and Loving people!
And, he’s not finished with us! 
I’ve learned to look for the good!
When friends leave…
I don’t hang my head for too long
For I’m PRASING GOD THAT He Sifted those who need to be in my life …and those that don’t!
I give Him the Glory! And if there’s any chance of reconciliation of that friendship…that He will be our guide through it!
When handed a lemon… I ask the Lord to help me make lemonade!
When faced with opposition…I give it to the Lord.. and guaranteed if He’s not going to remove the obstacles He Will show us the way through that obstacle course!
And just like yesterday when I was low..
Thinking people would believe lies
God gave me this verse….
And I was reminded of how Jeremiah was just a messenger from God and was treated with such disdain.
With Hatred!
My little lies being said about me didn’t seem to be such a big deal
At all!
People wanted him dead
All he was doing was being obedient to God. 
You would think his life would be easy.
Not even close.
But God protects his children and he promises them a reward in heaven..
That is what I will cling to.
I will press on.
I will pray on.
I will lift my head.
And adjust my crown 
Cause, I am a daughter of the King!
The storms of life will come and go but We will Praise Him in the storm!

God teaching me learning

The lost calf..

I was reminded yesterday of God’s goodness to his children through a “lost calf”

On Wednesday we had a two day old calf get away from us and through the fence, crossed the road, and darted into the woods! Sound crazy?! We thought so! Lol!
After hours of searching… it was clear, the calf wouldn’t be found and it would probably be coyote bait. 
We couldn’t stand the thought. We even road back that night to the location and listened to see if we heard it.. and again. .. nothing!
   The next morning the search and rescue team went out 😂 including myself (Lord help them) but I just couldn’t sit at home and worry about that baby. I wanted to help! 
After about 20 minutes of briar infested woods..😱 the calf was found Alive and Well! Well enough that he had Much energy to run and try to escape from us! What he didn’t know was that all we wanted to do was save him and put him back with his mom! Crazy calf! No lie, .. Matt put his football skills to good use and tackled him…. as we closed in on him! And y’all …. he did it without getting poop all over him!!! 
That is talent! 🙂 Love that Cow wrestling man of mine❤❤❤❤
We loaded him up and brought him back to the pasture where his Mom was anxiously waiting! That was scary! 
Never ever get between a Momma calf and her baby!  I felt like I was in the scene in Jurassic park where that momma T-Rex was coming after her baby! Yeah.. scary!
Anyway, after kicking Matt a few times 😳 and once where no man wants to be kicked …the calf was reunited with its Momma!  Success!!! 
As I was watching the baby and Momma reunite, I was thinking of how God teaches in his word about the parable of the lost sheep and how the shepherd would leave the whole herd to find the ONE lost sheep! (Luke 15:3-7) 
“”What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the open country, and go after the one that is lost, until he finds it? And when he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep that was lost.’ Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭15:4-7‬ ‭ESV‬‬
This was what God did for us! He found us.. who was once lost….afraid, hopeless, “coyote bait” lol
Why? Why would he do that you ask?
Because of LOVE!❤️ He loves us! He never ever wants us lost and in darkness! 
As I was closing in on that crazy calf …who was looking at which way to run to escape… I thought about how we often run from God…
All he’s doing is trying to save us!  He brings Salvation! Then, there are times when we are far from God even as a Christian and He comes to rescue us and bring us back to the “fold of God”
 Or in this calfs’ case.. back to the herd! Lol!!! 
I have a book that I would like to recommend for you to read! It’s a short one I promise! It’s called “All We Like Sheep” by Mary Glenn Peeples
Matt and I read it many years ago but it has stuck with me and God has used it as a reminder for me many times! 
It talks of how we are just like sheep! Lost without a Shepherd! She talks about the characteristics of sheep and correlates it with how we too have those characteristics.  It’s a great book!!! Go check it out!


I hope that today you aren’t like our little calf, lost,.. afraid., and trying to escape the one who can help! Turn to Him!!! Don’t be coyote bait!😳
Be blessed!!! 
Here’s a picture and a quick video of the reunion! To God be the Glory!!!!
It was a family afair! 😂
The Scary Mad Momma! Yikes!
Finally Home!

Click the Link below to see the sweet reunion!



God teaching me learning

Welcome 2017! Two challenges for your new Year!

WOW!  What. ..A… Year 2016 was!  You never know at the beginning of a year.. what it will look like in the end.  
-Lots of plans….
-Lots of new dreams/goals….
-A Clean slate so-to-speak

I have learned a lot in 2016! In fact, I would say that even though I may have nothing to show for it… I KNOW I’ve learned a lot.  I have it in my heart, & mind.  It helped shaped me for what’s to come.  

When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was Art Appreciation!  I used to love learning about artist, and the stories behind their paintings.  It intrigued me!  So,.. lets think about art for a moment and how.. every artist begins their masterpiece with a blank sheet/or canvas…. then, as the colors fling to the page,.. it’s hard to see or make out what it’s going to be,….. a MASTERPIECE is created!   I mean really, who would have thought that Pablo Picasso would have made it BIG?!  Take his painting “Seated Woman” picture below…

Who would have thought that there was an ACTUAL REAL Woman sitting in a chair for his inspiration!  Could you imagine how this lady felt when she finally got to look at what “she” looked like?!  
Confused maybe???
I mean REALLY?  Blue hands?!  

But, Picasso was a legend! He has Masterpiece, after Masterpiece!  EVERYONE knows who Picasso is, and he is known for his abstract art.  But, if you had a chance to sit down with the artist he would tell you the REASON for every unique detail, blue hands and all!  As we look at the painting right now, it may make you want to giggle…. but, each piece of art.. has a story!  

That’s how GOD…..each day, week, month, year.. is painting for us! This beautiful piece of art.. in the making!  Though we can not see the finished piece,.. every now and then.. .he gives us a glimpse of the art.  He tells us why ….”we may have those blue hands“…  or “a twisted mouth(OUCH) wonder what that’s all about?!

I’m thankful so say, that even though this has been a Tough YEAR for the Walker Household, as we are one-less member…

Our GOD has been FAITHFUL still!
He provides for us each and every step and has taught us so much about life, living for him, being a friend, how much encouragement means to someone, lifting others up, making hard decisions ..even in the face of adversity.  
So MUCH GOOD.. that I honestly want to cry and SHOUT for JOY!

Do you want to know how I came to this attitude after a very difficult year???!!

One year ago, I started a prayer and scripture journal.  I had NO idea what the year held for us as a family.  NO IDEA!
But God did! He knew I needed some of those scriptures… like the one below…

Count it all JOY, my brother’s when you meet trials of various kinds….

Sometime this year, .. I literally screamed out… JOY?! REALLY GOD?! (Yes, I am real.. I did .. I’m not proud to say that I did… nonetheless.. GOD knows my heart.. before I even speak it!)  It was a tough season.  But HIS word got me though.

I may not have scripture journaled everyday… but, those days that I did.. they helped carry me! 
Might I add.. .. that this year… I can TRULY relate and actually “FEEL” the footprint in the sands poem.
I’ve heard it… all my life,.. but, never felt the meaning… until this Year.  I KNOW HE CARRIED ME.. and my FAMILY! PRAISE MY FATHER, HE CARRIED ME! 

I’m so very thankful to GOD, that I was introduced to this little website called Sweet Blessings.

Each month, she posts a new scripture challenge.  You don’t even have to THINK.. the day,.. the verse, is right there for you! 

Challenge #1
 I would like to encourage YOU, wherever you are in life… to start a scripture journal!  It will change your life! You don’t have to be artsy-crafty to do this.  You can just write it out. 
Another thing that I started, well… because our church wanted to be more intentional about prayer I really DID NOT want to do it, was a prayer journal!  I knew, that my prayer life,…well… lets just say.. I needed HELP!  
God, also knew what kind of year we would have and knew I needed to be “PRAYED UP”  
What was happening to me, was I had SO much to pray for … I became overwhelmed, I was stuck in the muck.. and didn’t know where to start.. so I didn’t ask!  Or forgot! 
What in the world was I thinking?!  
As I began to write down prayers,.. not just mine.,, friends’ prayer request, facebook request, etc. etc.  
I became more in-tune.. to my life and the lives of others.  More focused!   I knew what to pray for and what to ask, following up on those prayers, cause not only do I make the list… I split my page down the middle cause I  KNOW MY GOD is going to answer!  And, when he does,.. I JOYFULLY write it down!!! Praising HIM!  
Often times, those answers do not look like what I thought.  I wanted something different, but, God in HIS SOVEREIGNTY answers a different way.  I have also grown in that area of my life as well.  It’s not in my control… it’s in HIS CONTROL.  And, I’m ok with that.   For you control-freaks.. you may struggle with this area.  Trust me, I know…about this.  I too, struggled with my need to be in control.  You better, get a handle on it now…GOD will show you.. one way or another. 
 See, I’m telling you to control your control! GEEZZ Louise! 
Okay.. well, I am a work in progress 🙂  
So… in comes the next and final challenge….
Challenge #2
Keep a prayer journal.  Write it out.  You don’t have to be detailed.  God knows the need,.. this is just helpful for when you pray, to not forget anything.. and to let your prayers be known to HIM!  
These are just two challenges.  JUST two.  Will you accept the challenge?  OH,  I hope so! Your relationship with HIM will GROW SO MUCH!  
Have you got any you are already trying this year?  Share them below or in the FACEBOOK comment!  
Happy New Year Friends!

God teaching me learning

Thankful for closed doors!

Lately, God has closed a lot of doors for us! But HE is Faithful to show us the way through each slammed door! To God Be The Glory! I still love my Lord even in this time, & NoThing can separate His Love for me and my family! Nothing! 

To those who are in a quandary… wondering what God is doing..??
Read About Paul & Silas’ Journey in Acts 16: 1-15!
It is encouraging to know that we are not alone in our distress… God is right there!
God teaching me learning

Harsh words…

I have been in this spot before….
I have been talked about before….
I have been looked down on……
I have been IGNORED
I have been REJECTED….
BUT,.. there’s only been one other time that the Hurt has come from Church family.

People, if you’ve ever experienced church hurt…. hopefully you are still in a Body of Believers… hopefully you weren’t turned off to this pain and haven’t left the church all together!  If you’ve been there… then you know what my family has been experiencing.

Can I just say this… when you are ugly to adults with children.. and you say mean things.. or you ignore them during their time of distress…you DO effect their children.  BUT, PRAISE GOD.. HE has given my children the ability to see those hurts for what they are.. IMMATURITY OF BELIEVERS!

We’ve heard of the whispers AT CHURCH! We’ve seen you ignore us! That’s ok.  While you are ignorant to things you know NOTHING about… God is developing something GREAT in our lives. It’s HIS BEAUTY that will SHINE in ALL this DARKNESS!  Because, WE are choosing to PRAISE HIM even in the midst of our Deepest Darkest Trials!  Even when we can’t make sense of ANY of it… we will Praise Him!

The following words were said to us.. during this trial that we are in right now..

“Y’all are not Always the victims in life!”

That hurt!! Deeply hurt!!! Because, we did feel like victims… we’ve been through SOO much over the past 4 years.. .that.. for someone to say this to you…. when you are already HURTING… just … well.. it..HURT!!
I jumped on that comment like white on rice! I was so MAD!

But TODAY,.. I’m thanking GOD for that comment!

We are not VICTIMS.. not at all!

We are only victims if we choose to be and stay there in that spot.  If I chose to STAY the victim… then HOW does GOD get the GLORY?!

Trials are opportunities to let our lights shine in the darkness.

Just ask someone who’s in a trial and they will tell you… it feels DARK IN HERE!

There are days when I’m screaming.. “God, please turn on the Light!”

I hold that light..deep inside of me… because I’m a DAUGHTER OF THE MOST HIGH KING!

I AM HIS.. AND I AM LOVED!  HE instilled that light in me long ago… all I have to do is reflect HIM!  Turn others to Him… Share our hurts … and trials…
Because it’s in those Deepest Darkest Moment’s that God MEETS you where you are and He lifts you up out of the pit…

The Pit of loneliness
The Pit of rejection
The Pit of broken-heartedness
The Pit of not being good enough

All those PITS.. and I’m sure you could add plenty more Pit titles. Am I right?!

I was Encouraged by a young lady yesterday,.. who chose NOT to be a victim.. she FORGAVE someone over something terrible that was done to her many years ago….

She said.. “I believe God will use that for the good, so that I can share with someone else that may be going through the same thing I went through.”

As she left my office.. the light bulb went off… God said.. “SEE... 
Something Terrible can be used to help someone else ..we live in a sinful world.. and every day someone is going to be hurt..but they don’t have to stay a victim!  He reminded me that HE will use this Trial that we face to bring Him Glory… to Honor Him… to share with someone else that may be going through the same.

Now, I know I’ve talked a lot about Church hurt….
but, let me shine a Light on some Pretty AMAZING people!  They are in THE CHURCH!

If I could just shout your Name on here that would be GREAT… but, you know what?!
Praise GOD in HEAVEN there’s so MANY of you ..that I’m afraid I will miss someone!

From the meals, to the cards, to the texts, visits…, hugs……We have been blown away!  We are so BLESSED!

And honestly… some just don’t know what to say.. but… they do say.. I LOVE YOU.. AND I’M PRAYING FOR YOU!

You see … that’s LOVE… That is God’s LOVE shining through,… and we are thankful for each of you.  We know that you are sent by God himself to help encourage us … and walk where not many people would want to walk along side us.. and just pray.  Nothing more.. than PRAY!


To our family,.. we LOVE you so much and we thank you for your love and encouragement too! You have been there from the beginning! Thank you!

If you are reading this today.. and someone from the CHURCH has hurt you…
GET UP.. God says to RISE ABOVE IT!

Forgive… God says that when you draw near to Him.. he will draw near to YOU!

So… DRAW NEAR… brother or sister!

A few weeks ago… I learned of another hurt that was said about us..
This was supposed to be my friend.. my sister in Christ… OUCH!

I couldn’t even eat dinner so I walked out to the peanut field.. and I was just quite on the outside but inside I was shouting.. GOD, WHY?! Why can’t she understand…why does she say those things about us?…

I began cleaning my glasses.. and I was watching.. the traveler thingy water the peanuts…. and I noticed something moving in the distance..

I went into FULL deer mode and quickly put my glasses on only to see 5 deer in the back field!  I didn’t see them before without my glasses (*note to self.. never go hunting without your glasses Keisha)

As I was thinking to myself.. OH… boy in a few weeks I hope you all are there….
God spoke to my heart…

He said.. Keisha, she can’t see.  She doesn’t understand….just as you couldn’t see those deer in the field without your glasses…. she cant see what you are going through.. but I DO!

Oh… I cried!! And, as I looked down with tear-filled eyes…I saw the very END of the peanut field…

The bushes were so puny…. so tiny…

And God said… that’s because they aren’t near the WATER SOURCE!  Look how far out they are… the closer to the water source… the prettier and bigger and more fruitful the plant!

And then HE spoke to me… STAY CLOSE TO ME!  Don’t get tangled up in those whispers of ignorance!  STAY NEAR TO ME and I WILL SUSTAIN YOU!!!


So,.. back to you.. brother or sister or unbeliever.. where are you?  Are you near to Him?
Are you far away… from THE SOURCE!

Draw near to Him… only HE can HEAL, and REDEEM, & RESTORE!

“Draw near to God, and HE will draw near to you!” James 4:8