A Warning & An Awesome Family & A Give-a-way

I’ve been hearing about the Peanut Butter scare now for a few days. I checked our PB cans thoroughly but they were not made from the plant in GA. I thought we were safe… until this morning! See those crackers?… Yep, I KEEP PB crackers in my house.. because my kids LOVE them!! This particular brand with PB has been recalled!!!
Turns out the paste that keebler and thousands of other companies use in their products come from the Peanut plant in GA.. that the FDA has traced the Salmonella poisoning from! We’ve already ate all but 2 packs now.. we were sick last week, but, who knows now whether it was Sam.. or the Roto virus?! It’s just scary really, especially since I heard the investigation has been going on for 4 months NOW!! AND, WHY.. WHY.. are we just now hearing about this?!! Makes me wonder in Anger!

Okay, on to the more positive things!

I’m sure many of you have heard the story of this precious family! I just now, had the chance to read some of there post. They ARE an Awesome family! They lost their home to a fire last week & now with our.. YOUR help bloggy friends far & wide are pleading with ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover.. to consider this family!
Here is what you can do:
*1) Pray for the family!
*2) Click here to read their blog
*3) Click here to beg, ask,… plead with ABC to consider them
*4) Want a bloggy-over by me… for free??…. Go here, read the post.. & follow her directions!!


I just finished this Book & CAN NOT wait to see the movie!!!! Hopefully between Ballet Pictures,…Dress Rehearsal…Ballet Recital and a Baseball Game…;0) We can go watch it!!

Yes, I love the Chronicles Of Narnia Books! LOVE THEM!!

Prince Caspain

Also, I finished Three Awesome Blogs over this past week.

Paige now has an awesome China themed blog. Check it out.


Then there was my new friend who won the Ladyblog contest. A while back ladyblog had a $5 entry fee (all donations went to their trip to China) for a re-designed blog! I think it looks Great too! She choose my 3 columned blog…


Next we have Amy! I love it!! It is soo Amy too! ;0) I think it turned out great too!


I was able to send $40.00 to The Cleft Healing Home as well. It just made me smile all over to be able to donate to this wonderful cause!! I LOVE to see the babies too. You can follow along on their blog by clicking here!

Hope everybody has a WONDERFUL weekend. Hopefully I’ll have some Great Ballet Pictures up soon. McKenna’s First Recital & I can hardly wait!!!!

Love & Hugs!!