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One Determined , Compassionate & Fierce Momma

I don’t know if there’s anything sweeter on the farm than this site running around our yard.  She is one determined Momma! 

She sat on eggs for 21 days y’all!! Never got up! Never! We felt sorry for her and brought her feed and water inside the coop. And, finally after 21 days the eggs began to hatch. One by one, some took more than 21 days to hatch but she sat and waited patiently until they all hatched. 

She is compassionate! 

Our black bantam hen wanted her own chicks so bad!!! She tried sitting on eggs and of course she wouldn’t stay on them so we took them.  She has never been able to hatch any eggs. But, this Rhode Island thought “I have more than enough, so you can have one of mine.” 

Isn’t this just precious?!

She is fierce! 

Do NOT touch, chase, or try to help her babies! She will get you! 

The other day while in the garden, I thought one of her chicks were stuck in the fence so I tried to help it out. Before I knew what was happening I felt a sharp hammering on my hand! She had attacked me! 

And just like that, I stopped trying to help her baby chick!

I’ve also seen her put our bulldog aka “Sugar” on the steps! No one better mess with her babies! No One!  

I admire this hen. She has qualities that every Mother should have.



& a Fierce Love for her children and Will protect them at ALL cost! 

Happy Saturday!


Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning."-Psalm 30:5

“Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

-Psalm 30:5

If you read my last post I mentioned about “Princess” who lost her calf last season and I cried & mourned with her!  We’ve had her close to home recently so we could keep a close watch on her and help her with delivery if we needed to.  I checked on her last night and she was eating and had no baby with her so sometime this morning she had her precious calf!!! 

She is a DOLL y’all!!!! Everyone.. Meet HOPE! 

Mom & Baby

Perfect name, don’t you think?!  
What really makes me happy is the smile on this man’s face!  After Tuesday, he needed this!  We all did!  
We PRAISE YOU LORD, for your blessings here on the farm! 

Both Mom & Baby seem to be doing well!  

The good and the bad of Farm Living

Yesterday on the farm we had Joy and sadness. Sometimes, living on the farm and raising animals is difficult. Difficult in the fact that you get attached to them and bond with them.  When you’re dealing with cattle sometimes you have to step in and help the Momma cow deliver her calf. It’s amazing to see these 900+ lbs. animals let you help them! It’s like they “know” you’re there to help and they are just as calm as they can be.

Last year during our first calving season we lost our first calf. We tried everything we could but when the vet arrived to pull the calf, it was already dead. We were all heartbroken. That Momma “Princess” mourned the loss of her baby for days & I mourned with her. It was so sad and it was my first experience with loss on the farm.  This year Princess is expecting again and we are keeping a watchful eye on her & praying for a healthy delivery.
Losing the baby was bad but losing both mother and calf would have been terrible!
That happened last night with another cow he have. Yesterday afternoon we had three Momma’s down having their calves.  Two were successful with no help from us and one was still down last night when we went to check her. Matt and I both tried but what we felt was unusual.   I thought she had a twisted uterus. ( I so hope that after last night.. McKenna still wants to be a large animal vet!  We need her bad in this area! ) We spoke with several people giving suggestions of what it could be and what to do and then I read it could be that her cervix hadn’t dilated.  Turns out, that’s what it was. Our good friend Clay confirmed what we feared the most. As we were talking about what to do, our sweet momma cow passed. A c-section was performed but it was too late, the little bull calf was dead also.
Just like that, the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. We lost both. And I thought losing a calf was bad. This was worse.
I know this is just an animal but we are sad. We love them and care for them. Bless McKenna she was still upset this morning. But, as Big Daddy says “that is farm living & that’s all in it but, it’s still sad when you loose them”
As we got home and rested I told Matt that we might have lost them , but look at what friends God showed us we had! Two good friends (one our local small animal vet) were in constant contact with Matt trying to help! God Bless them both! One friend, when he was called immediately came over to help do whatever needed to be done. He performed the c-section! We are so Grateful and Thankful to God that we have those kinds of people in our lives! God is blessing us even in times of sorrow! Praise to our King for Precious friends!
And Praise to the King for our two precious babies born yesterday!
A baldy.. (photo bombed by Ma)

and a Hereford

Such cuties!!!!! Love our baby calves!
Here are some of our first born babies..

I know cuteness overload right?!😉

Hopefully I will have more baby pictures soon of my girl Princess and hopefully she can have it without our help!



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Goat’s Milk!

Milking a goat is No joke! At this rate our babies may starve!  A thimble full is not enough. Shewww…we are tired.

I’ve watched the videos.
Read..& read…..they make it look & sound so easy!

But…I am determined to make some goat cheese & goat milk soap!

Farm, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Beautiful Babies!

I know many of you have asked about our Lavendula and the babies…
Well she had us all watching her EVERY move for weeks! Then we just gave up rushing out every morning.. or coming home from town to find NOTHING!
Until… last night .. after church.  We knew…. and all of us (including the kids) were able to witness the miracle of birth!  Farmer Matt helped deliver the second… because it was breech.   It was amazing.. and YES.. I CRIED!

So.. here’s some shots from last night…

Meet Lily

 We’re not sure about the boy’s name yet…. any suggestions? 

Aren’t they the CUTEST things you ever did see?!!!

Ok.. with all that cuteness… who wants to volunteer at bottle feeding??  Anyone?  Anyone????

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Our 1st Pumpkin Patch

Awhile back we planted our very first pumpkin patch.  We were late planting them & really it was a test run to see how and if they would grow in our area.  Matt came up with the idea with Great future plans of making it available to the public.
The kids took part in the project with helping plant the pumpkins.  We all said our “pumpkin prayer” (praying they would grow) & settled back to witness God answer!
He is answering those pumpkin prayers as we speak!  Matt brought home the first one last Monday & the kids & I took a field trip to the patch on Thursday! They took their journals & began to draw what they saw in the patch! It was a Great learning experience!
Did you know that pumpkins are actually Green when they start to grow??
Here’s proof. …
It’s AMAZING how they Start out as this tiny. .little…seed… 

Then.. POOF!

They PLUMP Up!
 Kind of reminds ya of the “Mustard Seed” parable… 
Mustard Seed Faith!

And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. ~Matthew 17:20

God told us …to homeschool…
I said.. “You’re kidding.. right?!”
All God required of me… was Obedience!
I’m Thankful, Grateful, BLESSED.. 
to obey.. and answer His call.  All I needed was a little pumpkin seed faith 😉
Here are our pumpkins with their pumpkins! 
We really are enjoying Homeschooling!
No, it’s NOT easy…
One income family living is hard…. 
Yes… we have our days of frustration… & hair pulling…
(No, I don’t pull their hair out.. just mine) 

But GOD,
Provides and shows us His Love,..
His Grace 
and His Mercy..
And.. most days we are Rocking And Rolling… Learning all along the way! 🙂