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April-May catch up!

How is it that May is almost over with???? Here we are, had our last day of school and ready for our 3-day weekend! 

What happened in those two months? Well let’s see…. 

Faith got glasses 

Finally got her show Steer- aka- Little John😀

She sung in …dare I say...LAST Children’s musical🙀🎶

Probably had her LAST kids egg hunt at church
Can I stop now… I feel the tears wailing up!

We had a fun spring break with friends at Rigbys Sports Park!

Faith is a determined little girl & very smart! She’s finished the school year with AB Honor roll for the semester at GCA and is advancing to 6th grade! A middle schooler!!!! Wooowho!  Although, she misses friends, She will be homeschooled next year by a wonderful teacher… ME! Lol! No more elementary for the Walker academy! 😭 Looking forward to what he future holds for this spunky little thing!

On to McKenna…

She’s growing up and such a growny young woman. Ulta is her new favorite store (Lord help us) But, she’s still my little girl! Most days you can find her working in the show barn with her cow Opal! She takes it serious, and she’s very responsible! She has Veterinarian dreams and I pray that she soars! We have plenty of animals on the farm to keep her busy too! She’s finished up the school year at GCA and is moving on to the 8th Grade! OMyGosh!  She’s already excited to be enrolled with Abeka for next school year as she is loving being a homeschooler! 

See.. growny! Lol! But, we love her!

Now Our Bman … he hates when I put anything about him so I’m gonna do it up right! 

He got his two show steers however I only took pics of one..??? This is Rocky! He’s a short horn..& just a big ole’ baby! He’s going to be great in the show ring I believe. Bman also got a Hereford Steer from Brogden Farms! His name is Copper, he’s in the process of getting halter broke right now and he’s a beast! Can’t wait for show season!

This was Bman’s third year with the Dodge Co. shot gun team! He qualified for state at the Vidalia meet with shooting 23 out of 25 clays. He’s a Great shooter! Many days at practice he would shoot a 24/25! How he does it is a mystery to some but I know he gets his skills from me, of course! Ha! The state meet was held at Rock Eagle and it was A WET messy day… but there’s was NO cancellation even in the rain! Who knew??! He scored a 21/25 .. not his best but dog on it that’s pretty good to me!!! Proud of him! So thankful to the Great coaches he has had in shotgun! These men do a fantastic job!


As much as Bman loves hunting and shooting he loves fishing too! He hooked this monster of a crappie in January, and we got the mount back last weekend. 

He was one happy young man, who now holds bragging rights! No more smack talking from this Momma,, well not for awhile anyways.  Broughton will be returning to public school next year at his daddy’s alma mater. He is excited about the .. 11th grade. 

How in the world ??!!! 11th grade?!  He’s a good kid! There are no complaints here. God has blessed us! Truly he has! Oh! And I guess I should add that he’s a pretty darn good rumy player too! Beat us all at our last family game night! 

He’s also a good driver but cares nothing about driving much. ?? We are working on those licenses and in the next month I should be able to send him on errand runs! Lol!!  

April and May flew in and out just like that! We are getting ready for these June blessings…

  • Oklahoma Cow Camp 
  • Soccer Camp
  • South Dakota mission trip
  • Lake Oconee youth trip

It’s gonna be a busy month yet again!!! 

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Our 1st Pumpkin Patch

Awhile back we planted our very first pumpkin patch.  We were late planting them & really it was a test run to see how and if they would grow in our area.  Matt came up with the idea with Great future plans of making it available to the public.
The kids took part in the project with helping plant the pumpkins.  We all said our “pumpkin prayer” (praying they would grow) & settled back to witness God answer!
He is answering those pumpkin prayers as we speak!  Matt brought home the first one last Monday & the kids & I took a field trip to the patch on Thursday! They took their journals & began to draw what they saw in the patch! It was a Great learning experience!
Did you know that pumpkins are actually Green when they start to grow??
Here’s proof. …
It’s AMAZING how they Start out as this tiny. .little…seed… 

Then.. POOF!

They PLUMP Up!
 Kind of reminds ya of the “Mustard Seed” parable… 
Mustard Seed Faith!

And He said to them, “Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. ~Matthew 17:20

God told us …to homeschool…
I said.. “You’re kidding.. right?!”
All God required of me… was Obedience!
I’m Thankful, Grateful, BLESSED.. 
to obey.. and answer His call.  All I needed was a little pumpkin seed faith 😉
Here are our pumpkins with their pumpkins! 
We really are enjoying Homeschooling!
No, it’s NOT easy…
One income family living is hard…. 
Yes… we have our days of frustration… & hair pulling…
(No, I don’t pull their hair out.. just mine) 

But GOD,
Provides and shows us His Love,..
His Grace 
and His Mercy..
And.. most days we are Rocking And Rolling… Learning all along the way! 🙂

Georgia National Fair 2014

I am Super Proud of these two girls right here!  They did an Awesome job with the 4-H Homemade Ice-Cream Division.  They worked so well together! They came up with their own flavor & name!  Look out world!  Peachy Pig may be in a store near you soon! 😉

We competed against these two pretty ladies from Dodge!  

 And, of course.. I had to take a picture of the little sista’s 😉

 After our ice cream competion it was time for some Fun!  I can NOT believe my two littles wanted to ride this FAST ride!  I just knew that one of them would be CRYING when they got off….

 But,.. I was WRONG! It was ALL smiles from both of them.

 I believe the BEST BIG BROTHER AWARD should Defiantly go to .. Bman! 

 Yep.. he’s pretty much.. The Best!

I think the most fun was had at the bumper cars!  Who doesn’t love them?! Right!

I love this picture.. it captures all four of our babies having fun! Too cute!
Of course,.. you have to follow your sister’s around and Bump them out of the way!

 It’s not a Fair trip.. without a Goldfish! Geesh!

I enjoyed the smiles & laughter of my family & besides the HEAT, (!)  it was a Great Day!   I’m one blessed woman!  We may not have brought home the blue ribbon in ice cream but, we are okay with that!    Family.. is the Most important thing!   We defiantly made memories that will last a lifetime today & that is Priceless!
Thank you Lord for my Blessings!

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Christmas Photo Shoot

Okay… so I’m not a pro at taking can tell by the fact that I was running out of daylight taking these photos
 But, I do believe I managed to capture some lasting memories in these pictures below!  We all actually had FUN doing these this time!  
Our charming Isaiah!
The “bitty twins” 😉
What the HAY?!
Our Sassy McKenna!
 Our HANDSOME Broughton!
Obviously, something was funny….
It was probably him….
Maybe this went so smooth because we had company over!  My Tripp Babies!
Our Sweet Baby Faith!
Not planned.. she’s just that crazy
Two peas in a pod 😉
This was by far the BEST photo shoot ever!  May you all BE Blessed this Christmas Season!

A Wonderful Easter!

Our Easter Weekend started off with Isaiah’s FIRST Egg Hunt on Friday with his class.  I barely got any “still” pictures of him because he literally was in motion the whole time! But, of course… he is in MOTION most ALL the time anyway. 🙂
On Saturday we had our Annual Easter Egg Hunt with Matt’s side of the family at Papa’s Cabin.  I captured this photo of Isaiah and McKenna.  It really shows their special bond that they have together.  This is what you may see on any given day.

So I ran over and asked for a close-up…
 Have I mentioned how much of a camera hog Isaiah is?!!!  He will say..
“Uhhh.. Uhhh.. Momma, take me, take me!”
This is one of those times!
My sweethearts! Don’t you love the girls shirts?!!!!!  I want one!  These were Easter gifts from Gran & Big Daddy! 
On Easter morning.. the Momma & Daddy Easter Bunny left some sweets for sweets! 😉
(we don’t tell our kids there is a real Easter bunny… we fully explain why we have Easter Sunday & what it’s all about.. the baskets are for fun & just an expression of love)
Isaiah says… “dis mine?!”
Here are the kiddo’s all dressed up in their Easter Duds! 
And,.. here I let them have a silly face.
I think Isaiah won the contest for the funniest! lol!
After church we headed down to Nana & Papas for a yummy Easter lunch and another Egg hunt!  This is my parents with all of the Grandkids! Too sweet!
Here is a photo shoot I did with McKenna that I couldn’t resist sharing..
She got her hair stuck in her earring and though I’m sure it hurt.. it made for a GREAT picture!

The Easter family photo!
 It’s NEVER perfect (Faith’s looking down) but, oh well!.. it will have to do!
I took this photo of my nephew Sunday.. I think it’s my FAVORITE one of the day!  
No, wait.. this one is probably my favorite!  It may not look like much or mean anything to you…
but, this is a picture of my Grandparents yard.. with all the Great-Grands playing baseball in the yard!   
I know that they were smiling down from heaven at this moment!  We lost our Papa in 2011 & then after a long battle of cancer… we lost our Mema last year.  She was with us last Easter although she wasn’t feeling well.  We miss them so much and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about them. My Mema was a bird watcher! She loved to feed them and had bird feeders all over her yard.  My Mother had one in her yard  & as soon as I saw it, it made me think of her. Little did I know.. it was, in fact.. her’s. 
 Hope you all had a GREAT Easter & that you know the TRUE meaning of why we Celebrate Easter Sunday!