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Don’t throw those Beautiful Christmas cards away!

Here’s a tip I picked up awhile back on what to do with all those Beautiful Christmas cards! I mean REALLY. ..let’s Face it…as a mother WE ALL KNOW HOW DIFFICULT THOSE DOG-ON PICTURES WERE TO TAKE!  Days of planning, color coordinating, children fussing, the meltdowns…the Drama!  Here’s what we sent out this year..cause it was exhausting! …
Yep! Lots of fun taking those pictures!  LOL! So, let’s not waste them! 
I take a hole punch and put the cards on a metal ring.  Then, during our prayer time we choose a family from our pile to pray for.  It’s a Great way to recycle those Beautiful treasures and to pray for those precious loved ones from both near and far!
Hopefully you haven’t tossed them yet. .and if you have…there’s always next year!!! 
We hope your year is off to a Great Start! School is back in today….and it kind of feels nice to be back on a regular schedule! 
Blessings to you! 

Recycle those bubble gum rolls!

I love Pinterest!  I stay on it way too much, but I get some Awesome recycle ideas!!  The other day I had a “pinterest moment” so I wanted to share it!
  I have had a problem with my headphones for my iphone for awhile.  Where to put them in my purse?  I wanted them protected, so my zipper pocket pouch wasn’t the best solution.  As I was about to throw this bubble gum roll container away, I had a light bulb moment.
Yep! It works PERFECTLY!  Not to mention it was FREEEEEE!!!  I love some free stuff;)  I guess if you’re a real smarty you could remove the Hulk sticker.. but, then you wouldn’t be “Cool” like me;)
Happy Pinning!