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Don’t throw those Beautiful Christmas cards away!

Here’s a tip I picked up awhile back on what to do with all those Beautiful Christmas cards! I mean REALLY. ..let’s Face it…as a mother WE ALL KNOW HOW DIFFICULT THOSE DOG-ON PICTURES WERE TO TAKE!  Days of planning, color coordinating, children fussing, the meltdowns…the Drama!  Here’s what we sent out this year..cause it was exhausting! …
Yep! Lots of fun taking those pictures!  LOL! So, let’s not waste them! 
I take a hole punch and put the cards on a metal ring.  Then, during our prayer time we choose a family from our pile to pray for.  It’s a Great way to recycle those Beautiful treasures and to pray for those precious loved ones from both near and far!
Hopefully you haven’t tossed them yet. .and if you have…there’s always next year!!! 
We hope your year is off to a Great Start! School is back in today….and it kind of feels nice to be back on a regular schedule! 
Blessings to you! 
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Christmas Photo Shoot

Okay… so I’m not a pro at taking can tell by the fact that I was running out of daylight taking these photos
 But, I do believe I managed to capture some lasting memories in these pictures below!  We all actually had FUN doing these this time!  
Our charming Isaiah!
The “bitty twins” 😉
What the HAY?!
Our Sassy McKenna!
 Our HANDSOME Broughton!
Obviously, something was funny….
It was probably him….
Maybe this went so smooth because we had company over!  My Tripp Babies!
Our Sweet Baby Faith!
Not planned.. she’s just that crazy
Two peas in a pod 😉
This was by far the BEST photo shoot ever!  May you all BE Blessed this Christmas Season!

It’s the most Wonderful time…

well almost… 

Can Christmas be STRESSFUL for anyone else?

Maybe it’s just me….

Yesterday, I was at home sick,.. and in my “tryingtobeproductiveandnotlazy” day at home, I decided to wrap some gifts. Then I was trying to figure out.. who we had left to buy for,. & what to get them.. etc.. etc.. the clock is ticking.. etc. etc.  Then, while wrapping Isaiah’s gifts I realized he wouldn’t be here for Christmas, so I became sad, and weepy,..
Then I realized I wouldn’t have Grandparents this Christmas, first time EVER in my life!  .. I became sad & weepy yet again!

I just worked myself up into a little tizzy! Yes, I know what most of you are thinking.. “they make meds for that.”  And, I may need some of those meds real soon 😉

But, at the end of the day God reminded me of  something that happened a while back…

A few weeks ago, I was reading the kids a Nativity Story.  This is one of my favorite books and we usually bring it out around Christmas time.  You’ve probably seen them.. it’s the one with the felt people and you add the felt pieces as the story unfolds… Yep, one of those.

So I’m reading the story.. I’ve distributed all the pieces to the kids equally & we have added piece by piece.. until baby Jesus was born.  I call out., “who has the baby Jesus?.. Put him up here.” (thinking they were NOT paying attention to the story.. and were probably sitting on baby Jesus)

Nobody answers.. and I ask again.. and finally Faith says.. “we don’t haf him anymore” 

I said “What do you mean we don’t haf him anymore?”

McKenna says.. “he’s gone,.. missing,.. we can’t find him.”

I gasp..

WhAT?!  You’ve lost baby Jesus?!  Why, he’s the Main character!  He’s the reason why I’m reading the story!.. How do you lose the felt baby Jesus?! 

Now at the time.. I didn’t think much about what had happened other than I was utterly disappointed that my favorite hands-own book .. was now missing the main character! And,.. trying to think of ways to make a new baby Jesus. “Do I go to wal-mart.. the next day and buy some felt and make my own.. or just buy a new book?..”

Then yesterday it hit me.   I’ve lost the main thing.. for Christmas!..
It’s not about the presents,.. or not having someone we love home for Christmas.. or not getting what we want.. or finding the PERFECT gift.

It’s about JESUS!  It’s about God’s gift to this dying and lost world!  God reminded me of that felt baby Jesus story to show me that I had the wrong focus!

It’s easy to lose our focus.
It’s easy to lose… baby Jesus.. in the midst of the Holidays…..

Friends.. DON’T LOSE HIM!

Don’t get caught up in the gifts, the parties,.. the SANTA, the Elves on the shelf, and your own selfish desires and forget the Main Character!!

I felt like I needed to share this story,.. because I have a feeling that some of us.. have watered down Christmas and why we celebrate this time of year.  We think we’re doing good by attending a church service or buying a birthday cake for Jesus.  It’s like, we can check it off our list of to-do’s.  Jesus should NEVER be sold short!

Take the time, to learn about him!  Teach your children about him!  Teach other’s about him!

If you’re not sure how to start.. here are a few of our recommendations…

071755: God Gave Us Christmas God Gave Us Christmas
By Lisa Tawn Bergren / Random House, Inc
19014: The Tale of Three Trees The Tale of Three Trees
By Angela Elwell Hunt / David C. Cook
222437: Christmas Story DVD Christmas Story DVD
By Emi Cmg Distribution
106682: The Nativity Story, DVD The Nativity Story, DVD
By Word Entertainment Inc

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Christmas Musical!

Last Sunday night our church had their annual Christmas Play.  I was so very proud of my babies!  For the first,.. and the last time… all 3 of my kids were in the play.. together.  

 Our B-man is growing up.. this was his last Christmas play. 😦  Next up is.. Youth Choir for him!  He has a Great raspy voice & it is my prayer that he will continue to use it to Glorify The One who gave it to him.. & use it more often! 😉

Our sweet Kenna had a solo.  We were so proud!  She said after the musical  “Momma, I looked out and saw all of the people.. and I felt like I was going to have a heart-attack!” I said.. “Baby, that will never go away when you sing in front of people!”

Ready to Sing!

Last.. but, not  least…I had to throw this family picture in!  A few weeks back, we got together with some friends who invited Santa over for a visit!  It was so much fun to see the kids faces light-up when he walked into the room! Priceless!

Hope you all are gearing up for the Holidays!  This week,.. I hope to do some baking.. maybe even a recipe share,,??!


Christmas in Review

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! We celebrated with our many traditions….
~The girls & I made special goodies as gifts for teachers
~We made our Gingerbread house (that is given to us YEARLY by a special neighbor)
~We hung our annual adorenaments!
~!!NEW~~this year… ANNABETH! She came to stay with us during the holidays.. & we hated to see her go! 😦 (insert my smirky smile)
~We had many Christmas plays & concerts
All in all… it was a Christmas to remember!
As many of you know… this was my first Christmas without my Papa…
It was sad… I had a good Cry…
But, I’m ok. I know he celebrated with JESUS in Heaven on Christmas day!
And… although…we miss him terribly.. here…
We will see him again.. one day!
Love & Hugs to all my bloggy friends!
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A Very MERRY Christmas!

We had a great Christmas this year! It started off with a trip to my parents house a.k.a= Nana & Papa’s 😉 We left on Tuesday to celebrate with them. On Wednesday night we were at Mema & Pa’s (my Grandparents). Every year the WHOLE fam. gets together on Christmas Eve to spend time and EAT! lol! We had 2 new additions to the family this year… Eli (my nephew) & baby Jaiden (my cousin’s daughter). They both were cute as EVER!

Then we headed over to my parents to celebrate!

Then it was on the road home for Christmas morning,.. so Santa could come to our house!
….sorry.. no pics.. Matt had the camera on video mode & took some “not-so-good” shots of me.. yeah,.. they won’t be posted! LOL!

We had a birthday cake for Jesus.. and sang Happy Birthday. Matt read some scriptures from Luke, and we hung our final “Adorenament“.

At lunch we were headed to Papa’s (Matt’s Grandfather). We opened more gifts & spent time with family & of course.. ATE!! lol!

On Christmas night we went to Gran & Big Daddy’s (Matt’s parents) with more eating.. (yum-o) and more gifts! LOL! To say that we were tired… would be an understatement! But, we’re all rested up now.. & I am STILL opening new gifts!!! lol!

As I think about Christmas this year, I am constantly reminded of some close family and friends who have lost loved ones this year… & are having their first Christmas without those loved ones! My heart was burdened for these people ALL day! I would stop and pray occasionally, for them & just prayed that God would see them through. If you are one of those.. who have just had your first Christmas without a loved one… ((hugs!)) My Prayers and thoughts are with you this Christmas season.. may you see the true meaning of Christmas and may God wrap his loving arms around you filling your heart with Good memories & a promise of seeing them again if you both are Believers!!!

Hope everyone had a Blessed Day!! Merry Christmas to every one!