Adoption is something that is near to our hearts.   In 2007 we adopted a Beautiful baby girl from the Guizhou Province of China.  Our hearts were full!  In 2013, we went back to China and adopted an energetic  6yr. little boy.  Our hearts were full again!  After a year, we discovered he had Reactive Attachment Disorder.  After three years in the home, we made the hard choice to place him in another better suited home.  R.A.D. is a terrible thing.  NO ONE, knows,.. unless they’ve been in your shoes.  We feel we made the best decision for him as well as the rest of our family.  We can’t share about adoption now… without awareness!  Awareness of what may come, and how to prepare yourselves and your family.  GET EDUCATED!  Many people try to “hide” this disorder.  They try to say it isn’t real.  We KNOW it is,.. our family lived it!

We are FOR adoption.  We will be FOR adoption.   We are adoption supporters!  If that is something GOD has called you to do, HE will walk you through it!  That is for certain!  We are so Thankful for our little Faith, and what she adds to our family.  We can NOT imagine life without her.  As for our son, we remember the happier moments, smile and pray for continued healing.

For more information on R.A.D. click here.

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