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Mountaintops and Valleys



Badlands- South Dakota

After every Mountain Top experience, there will always be a valley….

If only we could just stay on those Mountains and never ever have to face valleys…..

Oh that would be the life.. don’t you think?

I will most definitely do another post of our wonderful June-July that flew in and out like a whirlwind.  Lots of excitement, lots of GREAT things happened!  And just like that, before I even have time to post about them… the real world sneaks up on you and like a HUGE wave that crashes you down onto the bottom ocean floor,… you are taken by surprise… and hurt,… disappointed, ..overwhelmed…. struck.

<REWIND>  This past week, after returning home from our first family mission trip, I was just knocked down,.. over and over again… and I mean in ALL different directions!  I told Matt, I felt frazzled, at my wits end, at the end of the rope, ready to scream, and about ready to throat-punch anyone who had the next smart-remark that was handed to me!  ( I know that sounds so Christian-like.. but, at LEAST I’m not fake…I call it like I see them! )


I’ve been reading “AHA” by Kyle Idleman. Kyle is the famous author of “Not a Fan” (If you haven’t read this book… you seriously NEED to!)  It was because of the “Not a Fan” book that I even gave the title of this book a second glance… well, that and the fact that it was only $5 and I thought HEY, why not!  It has sat on a shelf for almost a year (NO LIE) and last month,.. I thought I would get a little further in the book that just the first chapter.

AHA is an acronym for




Kyle talks about how we all have an Awakening of our true spiritual condition, and then we reach a true Honesty with our Savior which then leads to Action!  An AHA moment leads us home to our Heavenly Father just as the Prodigal son.

And then this morning I was reminded… by a good ole Man by the name of Tony Evans!  He says in his book Victory in Spiritual Warfare

“The tragedy today is that many Christians think they are fighting flesh and blood in their marital and parenting issues, rather than realizing that Satan has an agenda to destroy their home. Whoever controls the family controls the future.” 
― Tony EvansVictory in Spiritual Warfare

Another AHA moment came to me..

Awakening– Satan is the one with his agenda to destroy… we do not wrestle with flesh and blood…. it is satan that is on the attack.  When we recognize who we are fighting..,,we pick our chin up cause that battle is already won!

 “We are fighting FROM the victory and not FOR Victory.” -Tony Evans

HONESTY:  Now about that earlier comment of staying on the Mountaintop….

If we stayed on the Mountain top all of the time… How would that grow us spiritually?

“The number-one contributor to spiritual growth is not sermons, books, or small groups, the number one contributor to spiritual growth is difficult circumstances. AHA comes out of the suffering, setbacks, and challenges of life.”  -Kyle Idleman

ACTION: There isn’t much I can do about some situations…but PRAY.. and THAT is ENOUGH!


So,.. as I went to work this morning, feeling somewhat better… but still, had a lot of un-answered questions….  I had a visitor come by and drop something off by the church.   It is a person who I have the up-most respect for.. and he asked me if I would sing at his funeral… when ever that time may come.

I was honored and humbly said yes.

With tear filled eyes he told me the song and the chorus and as I wrote it down… I was reminded of how we are all just passing through this land… this is not our home… here is a chorus from the song… I pray that it may speak to you today, in whatever you may be facing…. We all have mountaintops, just please don’t forget HIM in the valleys… cause even in the valley He is Still GOOD!

This house of flesh is but a prison
Bars of bone hold my soul
But the doors of clay are gonna burst wide open
When the angel sets my spirit free
I’ll take my flight like a mighty eagle
When the hills of home start calling me






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