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April-May catch up!

How is it that May is almost over with???? Here we are, had our last day of school and ready for our 3-day weekend! 

What happened in those two months? Well let’s see…. 

Faith got glasses 

Finally got her show Steer- aka- Little JohnūüėÄ

She sung in …dare I say...LAST Children’s musicalūüôÄūüé∂

Probably had her LAST kids egg hunt at church
Can I stop now… I feel the tears wailing up!

We had a fun spring break with friends at Rigbys Sports Park!

Faith is a determined little girl & very smart! She’s finished the school year with AB Honor roll for the semester at GCA and is advancing to 6th grade! A middle schooler!!!! Wooowho!  Although, she misses friends, She will be homeschooled next year by a wonderful teacher… ME! Lol! No more elementary for the Walker academy! ūüė≠ Looking forward to what he future holds for this spunky little thing!

On to McKenna…

She’s growing up and such a growny young woman. Ulta is her new favorite store (Lord help us) But, she’s still my little girl! Most days you can find her working in the show barn with her cow Opal! She takes it serious, and she’s very responsible! She has Veterinarian dreams and I pray that she soars! We have plenty of animals on the farm to keep her busy too! She’s finished up the school year at GCA and is moving on to the 8th Grade! OMyGosh!  She’s already excited to be enrolled with Abeka for next school year as she is loving being a homeschooler! 

See.. growny! Lol! But, we love her!

Now Our Bman … he hates when I put anything about him so I’m gonna do it up right! 

He got his two show steers however I only took pics of one..??? This is Rocky! He’s a short horn..& just a big ole’ baby! He’s going to be great in the show ring I believe. Bman also got a Hereford Steer from Brogden Farms! His name is Copper, he’s in the process of getting halter broke right now and he’s a beast! Can’t wait for show season!

This was Bman’s third year with the Dodge Co. shot gun team! He qualified for state at the Vidalia meet with shooting 23 out of 25 clays. He’s a Great shooter! Many days at practice he would shoot a 24/25! How he does it is a mystery to some but I know he gets his skills from me, of course! Ha! The state meet was held at Rock Eagle and it was A WET messy day… but there’s was NO cancellation even in the rain! Who knew??! He scored a 21/25 .. not his best but dog on it that’s pretty good to me!!! Proud of him! So thankful to the Great coaches he has had in shotgun! These men do a fantastic job!


As much as Bman loves hunting and shooting he loves fishing too! He hooked this monster of a crappie in January, and we got the mount back last weekend. 

He was one happy young man, who now holds bragging rights! No more smack talking from this Momma,, well not for awhile anyways.  Broughton will be returning to public school next year at his daddy’s alma mater. He is excited about the .. 11th grade. 

How in the world ??!!! 11th grade?!  He’s a good kid! There are no complaints here. God has blessed us! Truly he has! Oh! And I guess I should add that he’s a pretty darn good rumy player too! Beat us all at our last family game night! 

He’s also a good driver but cares nothing about driving much. ?? We are working on those licenses and in the next month I should be able to send him on errand runs! Lol!!  

April and May flew in and out just like that! We are getting ready for these June blessings…

  • Oklahoma Cow Camp 
  • Soccer Camp
  • South Dakota mission trip
  • Lake Oconee youth trip

It’s gonna be a busy month yet again!!! 

God teaching me learning

How can I be a better friend?

A good friend is hard to find.

I once thought I had a lot of good friends, but Honey-child let yourself get caught up in the gossip ring and your friends run like cockroaches when the lights are turned on in the kitchen!

Having a tough season in life is bad, but the lessons & growth that we’ve experienced through it all has been priceless!

Lessons learned:

  1. Don’t be a crowd pleaser!

I have always been a people pleaser, but, God has broken me of that now. It is apparent by the lack of close friends, in my life. Going with the crowd and tickling ears makes You WEAK! Makes you lose FOCUS! Paul wasn’t liked very well either… why?.. he spoke the hard truth and he had scripture to back himself up! He was blunt.. he called people fools! Gotta love Paul!

For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ! (Galatians 1:10)

To be obedient and pleasing to God is far greater than anything or any friend you will ever know on this earth!

2. Be a better friend!

I’m guilty! I will be the first to admit it! But, through this trial we’ve learned how to recognize a true friend and how to be a better one ourselves!

The Bible says that Jonathan and Davids’ hearts were knit together!(1 Sam. 18:1-8)

David was running from his besties’ daddy! True story! But NEVER ONCE, do you read of Jonathan’s disappearance in David’s life! Instead, he gave him his armor! WOW! What a friend! Are YOU that type of friend? I’m sure David was in the gossip ring.. as a matter of fact it was the gossip ring that made Sauls anger burn!!! “David’s killed tens of thousands to King Saul” ¬† Where was David? By his friends side! Believe that!

I recently listened to a sermon by Dr. Charles Stanley. He gives 11 Building blocks of friendships that are crucial! They are the characteristics of a genuine friend. Here’s what a ¬†friend does..

  1. They delight in us and they are a joy to be around.
  2. They develop us, encouraging us in our faith. They help us to become better than what we are!
  3. They drive us, they push us to jump out of our comfort zones.
  4. TIME- here’s one we all struggle with! Be available!
  5. Triumphs, share those victories in life! You rejoice in what they are accomplishing!! When your friend has done something you Facebook and Instagram it! Buddy you let the whole world know how proud you are of them more importantly you let that friend know it! If you don’t.. then you’re just a jealous Nenny!
  6. Trials, be there …during trials!! We all have them, don’t be an ostrich with you head in the sand! Remember, one day you will have a trial… where do you want your bff to be???? “Geniune friendships aren’t built on when everything is going right!
  7. Have a thankful heart‚̧ԳŹ and be loyal. This friend you can call anytime & tell them anything and you are so thankful you have a friend like that!
  8. Be thoughtful! Little cards, texts, an invite over for dinner! “Thoughtfulness comes from the inside”
  9. Tolerance. Be willing to forgive and be patient.. but don’t be a doormat! A person saying they’re sorry… fixes the problem or action! Remember that!
  10. Transparency. Don’t hide things about yourself! Be real.. People. Dang! That’s were God gets the Glory …is in fixing your mess of a life! Amen?!
  11. Truthfulness. ¬†“If a person isn’t truthful you can’t have a friendship!” That means in all things you speak the truth in love! ‚̧ԳŹ Then you hang around them, you don’t coward and run away! Hearing hard truth is … well.. hard! Why would you share it …then abandon someone. Check on that person. Pray with them, let them know you care!!!!!

In closing I will say this.. it all starts with YOU! I’m thankful that God used Dr. Charles Stanley and this article below to HELP me become a better friend and to recognize true friendship when I see it!

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The Fly that needed Jesus!

As I was putting on my makeup yesterday I heard the buzzing of a fly. ¬†It was a long buzzzzz…an annoying buzz… a buzz that made me get up out of my chair to see what was going on. ¬†Actually, I hate a fly and I was going to put it out of its’ misery. ¬†What I didn’t know was that we had a spider web behind my window shutter and the fly… was … caught! ¬†Caught in the web! ¬† At first I thought.. eewww…gross, gotta clean the windows! ¬† I then became entranced with what happened next. ¬†It was like watching a episode on animal planet. ¬†I know this may sound crazy, and maybe you’re thinking that I have too much time on my hands,.. maybe I do.. …?…..NO! I don’t! I just got side tracked for a minute, but seriously.… Have you EVER watched a spider after they catch their prey? ¬†It’s kind of freaky, the smarts of a spider… ¬†they’re rather patient too. ¬†They spin a web, and wait for something to fall into it. ¬†I watched this spider after the fly had gotten trapped, it was trying to break free! ¬†It was moving all around, and I thought well it’s going to fly out of the trap and then annoy me, better get ready to swat! ¬†As I waited I watched the spider begin to spin under the fly and all around. ¬†I thought, What in the world is that spider doing? ¬†Taunting the fly..?? maybe? ¬†….

Nope.. the spider was busy spinning a backup plan in case it escaped it would fall into another trap! ¬†Then it connected to the two major webs holding the fly into position and it begin to move up and away from the fly,… pulling it tighter and tighter until the fly STOPPED buzzing.

After waiting for the fly to stop buzzing, the spider would climb down toward the fly to inject it’s poison. ¬†But, nope,.. the little fly kept buzzing, and the spider climbed back upward, holding tight till the fly gave up hope. ¬†This happened several times. ¬†It was like a tug-of-war. ¬†Finally, the fly gave up, and stopped buzzing.. and just like that, the spider had lunch.

As I thought about this it reminded me of sin and satan. ¬†Here we are, little flies in the world, we get caught in a web, and there’s satan trying to have a back up plan to catch us yet again! ¬†Maybe it’s a WEB of lies,…one lie leads to the next lie, which leads to the next…… on and on.. it goes. ¬†Many of us give up HOPE, we try to control things in our own strength and we end up getting caught,… AGAIN.. over and over!

In that moment, I wanted to free the little fly… but I didn’t. ¬†The poor thing, helpless,… he needed a friend, …

The fly needed JESUS!

When Jesus enters in…. he sets things STRAIGHT! ¬†He is our chain breaker! ¬†He breaks the chains (webs) of sin, lies, and destruction. ¬†He is the HOPE giver!

If you are suffering today, in your web of sin…..

Cry out to The LORD! ¬†Only HE can save, restore, and redeem!!! ¬†Stop falling for the schemes of the enemy. ¬†Stop trying to do it YOUR WAY! ¬†You’re just going to get caught again.

I shared with a group a ladies this week Psalm 61!  I thought it was so fitting for this story! May it encourage you! Lead me to the ROCK that is HIGHER!


1 Hear my cry, O God;
    listen to my prayer.

2 From the ends of the earth I call to you,
    I call as my heart grows faint;
    lead me to the rock that is higher than I.
3 For you have been my refuge,
    a strong tower against the foe.

4 I long to dwell in your tent forever
    and take refuge in the shelter of your wings.
5 For you, God, have heard my vows;
    you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.

6 Increase the days of the king’s life,
    his years for many generations.
7 May he be enthroned in God’s presence forever;
    appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him.

8 Then I will ever sing in praise of your name
    and fulfill my vows day after day.




Just for fun, Travel

Cruzin the Bahamas

It’s hard to believe that over two weeks ago we set sail on “The Liberty” of Carnival. It’s also hard to believe it’s taken me THIS LONG to upload the photos! ¬†Life is busy here!

Matt & I had a fabulous time on our cruise to the Bahamas. ¬†It was our 20th Anniversary in March so we decided to Cruise! ¬†I’m so glad that we did! ¬†We made lots of memories, & met a few new friends! ¬†God is Good!

The excursions we signed up for were the V.I.P. Beach Get-a-way for two in Nassau & The Reef Snorkel & dolphin encounter in Freeport. ¬†Both excursions were AMAZING! ¬†My husband surprised me with the beach day (because he’s romantic like that) which I LOVE! ¬†EVERY PICTURE was virtually post card WORTHY!! ¬†I mean seriously… it doesn’t get much better than a private beach, welcomed by mimosas, lounger’s for two, lunch for two, and a sweet waiter!!! ¬†Who, by the way, knew about the Lord,.. but hopefully will get plugged in after Matt spoke with her. ¬†We should ALWAYS share about our God “as we go”! Amen?!

blue lagoon_1blue lagoon_2blue lagoon_4blue lagoon_5

On the morning of our 2nd excursion, we got bad news & good news.. bad=the water was too rough to snorkel, good=… they upgraded us to a Dolphin Experience! ¬†This was THE HIGH LIGHT of our entire TRIP!! ¬† God’s Blessing for sure! ¬†We got to get into the water as a couple (with the guide instructor) and do tricks with them, hug them, kiss them, it was AMAZING!! ¬†We were both like kids! ¬†It was defiantly worth every penny they asked for!!! Highly recommend this excursion to anyone!


dolphin 2

Our new friend, “Indy”! ¬†We bonded instantly! ¬†Sure wish we had room for him on the farm! ¬†I tried my best to get him to come home with me, but unfortunately he had to stay in Freeport.. something about not having an appropriate home here for him… blah,.. blah…blah…! ¬†LOL! ¬†dolphin selfie


I love this MAN! ¬†He is such a blessing to me and our family! ¬†Being married for 20 years is rare. If it weren’t for God at the center of our marriage we wouldn’t be together. Hands down! So a little advice to the young ones out there…

  • Make God the center of your marriage!
  • Make time for each other
  • Communication is Key
  • LOVE

For more pictures check out our link: