God teaching me learning

A lesson from Jeremiah

Can I just be real?…
I’ll admit.
Sometimes… life is just hard.
Sometimes I think “If the world just didn’t have mean people… it would be a great world.”
But then, I’m reminded… the world is full of mean people and evil doers. It’s been full of them since sin entered the world. 
Satan’s cunning and persuasive tactics are used on many. Millions blinded.
Billions without hope. I too have fallen prey to his schemes at times. I’ve been that mean person. I’m not perfect.
God convicts me of my sin & I cry out to Him to make me whole and forgive me of my sins. He so graciously Loves and cares for me!
Recently, I started a new bible study with our ladies group at church. It’s a study of Jeremiah.  
The subtitle:
“Daring to Hope in an Unstable World”
As Jeremiah pressed on in obedience, life really wasn’t that much easier for him.
Yesterday , I longed for an easier life..in this unstable world!
You see, I will be the first to admit that I’m a people pleaser. I don’t like it when people are upset with me.
I don’t know WHEN I will ever learn that old saying…
“You can’t please everyone”
Really we should revisit that and think Why am I trying to please anyone other than God?
I also do not like lies being spread about me …or anyone for that matter! It’s just nasty! I don’t think you are ever more like Satan than when you lie and deceive someone! It’s truly shameful!
Sometimes some people will not accept the truth…even if proof is right in front of their faces! 
It’s truly sickening!
My first instinct is to try and fix it, get to the horses mouth and stamp that lie right  out of there! “Somebody give me a microphone ..Please.” Or in this day.. let’s do a Facebook live and tell 1,000+ friends the truth!
  But really, would it make a difference?
But in our case it’s better to leave it where it’s at.
Let God handle it… 
and He will handle it!
Oh… but Yesterday 
I didn’t want God to have that thing!
I struggled 
I’m not going to lie
I wrestled 
I fumed
I fussed
I may have cussed.
Sometimes we just don’t understand things that happen in our lives.
One thing is sure,
If God brought us to it,
He will bring us through it!
As I stop and look at our lives.. I see that
He Has!
Brought us so through it!
He’s blessed us in so many ways! He’s surrounded us with such Good and Loving people!
And, he’s not finished with us! 
I’ve learned to look for the good!
When friends leave…
I don’t hang my head for too long
For I’m PRASING GOD THAT He Sifted those who need to be in my life …and those that don’t!
I give Him the Glory! And if there’s any chance of reconciliation of that friendship…that He will be our guide through it!
When handed a lemon… I ask the Lord to help me make lemonade!
When faced with opposition…I give it to the Lord.. and guaranteed if He’s not going to remove the obstacles He Will show us the way through that obstacle course!
And just like yesterday when I was low..
Thinking people would believe lies
God gave me this verse….
And I was reminded of how Jeremiah was just a messenger from God and was treated with such disdain.
With Hatred!
My little lies being said about me didn’t seem to be such a big deal
At all!
People wanted him dead
All he was doing was being obedient to God. 
You would think his life would be easy.
Not even close.
But God protects his children and he promises them a reward in heaven..
That is what I will cling to.
I will press on.
I will pray on.
I will lift my head.
And adjust my crown 
Cause, I am a daughter of the King!
The storms of life will come and go but We will Praise Him in the storm!


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