God teaching me learning

Welcome 2017! Two challenges for your new Year!

WOW!  What. ..A… Year 2016 was!  You never know at the beginning of a year.. what it will look like in the end.  
-Lots of plans….
-Lots of new dreams/goals….
-A Clean slate so-to-speak

I have learned a lot in 2016! In fact, I would say that even though I may have nothing to show for it… I KNOW I’ve learned a lot.  I have it in my heart, & mind.  It helped shaped me for what’s to come.  

When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was Art Appreciation!  I used to love learning about artist, and the stories behind their paintings.  It intrigued me!  So,.. lets think about art for a moment and how.. every artist begins their masterpiece with a blank sheet/or canvas…. then, as the colors fling to the page,.. it’s hard to see or make out what it’s going to be,….. a MASTERPIECE is created!   I mean really, who would have thought that Pablo Picasso would have made it BIG?!  Take his painting “Seated Woman” picture below…

Who would have thought that there was an ACTUAL REAL Woman sitting in a chair for his inspiration!  Could you imagine how this lady felt when she finally got to look at what “she” looked like?!  
Confused maybe???
I mean REALLY?  Blue hands?!  

But, Picasso was a legend! He has Masterpiece, after Masterpiece!  EVERYONE knows who Picasso is, and he is known for his abstract art.  But, if you had a chance to sit down with the artist he would tell you the REASON for every unique detail, blue hands and all!  As we look at the painting right now, it may make you want to giggle…. but, each piece of art.. has a story!  

That’s how GOD…..each day, week, month, year.. is painting for us! This beautiful piece of art.. in the making!  Though we can not see the finished piece,.. every now and then.. .he gives us a glimpse of the art.  He tells us why ….”we may have those blue hands“…  or “a twisted mouth(OUCH) wonder what that’s all about?!

I’m thankful so say, that even though this has been a Tough YEAR for the Walker Household, as we are one-less member…

Our GOD has been FAITHFUL still!
He provides for us each and every step and has taught us so much about life, living for him, being a friend, how much encouragement means to someone, lifting others up, making hard decisions ..even in the face of adversity.  
So MUCH GOOD.. that I honestly want to cry and SHOUT for JOY!

Do you want to know how I came to this attitude after a very difficult year???!!

One year ago, I started a prayer and scripture journal.  I had NO idea what the year held for us as a family.  NO IDEA!
But God did! He knew I needed some of those scriptures… like the one below…

Count it all JOY, my brother’s when you meet trials of various kinds….

Sometime this year, .. I literally screamed out… JOY?! REALLY GOD?! (Yes, I am real.. I did .. I’m not proud to say that I did… nonetheless.. GOD knows my heart.. before I even speak it!)  It was a tough season.  But HIS word got me though.

I may not have scripture journaled everyday… but, those days that I did.. they helped carry me! 
Might I add.. .. that this year… I can TRULY relate and actually “FEEL” the footprint in the sands poem.
I’ve heard it… all my life,.. but, never felt the meaning… until this Year.  I KNOW HE CARRIED ME.. and my FAMILY! PRAISE MY FATHER, HE CARRIED ME! 

I’m so very thankful to GOD, that I was introduced to this little website called Sweet Blessings.

Each month, she posts a new scripture challenge.  You don’t even have to THINK.. the day,.. the verse, is right there for you! 

Challenge #1
 I would like to encourage YOU, wherever you are in life… to start a scripture journal!  It will change your life! You don’t have to be artsy-crafty to do this.  You can just write it out. 
Another thing that I started, well… because our church wanted to be more intentional about prayer I really DID NOT want to do it, was a prayer journal!  I knew, that my prayer life,…well… lets just say.. I needed HELP!  
God, also knew what kind of year we would have and knew I needed to be “PRAYED UP”  
What was happening to me, was I had SO much to pray for … I became overwhelmed, I was stuck in the muck.. and didn’t know where to start.. so I didn’t ask!  Or forgot! 
What in the world was I thinking?!  
As I began to write down prayers,.. not just mine.,, friends’ prayer request, facebook request, etc. etc.  
I became more in-tune.. to my life and the lives of others.  More focused!   I knew what to pray for and what to ask, following up on those prayers, cause not only do I make the list… I split my page down the middle cause I  KNOW MY GOD is going to answer!  And, when he does,.. I JOYFULLY write it down!!! Praising HIM!  
Often times, those answers do not look like what I thought.  I wanted something different, but, God in HIS SOVEREIGNTY answers a different way.  I have also grown in that area of my life as well.  It’s not in my control… it’s in HIS CONTROL.  And, I’m ok with that.   For you control-freaks.. you may struggle with this area.  Trust me, I know…about this.  I too, struggled with my need to be in control.  You better, get a handle on it now…GOD will show you.. one way or another. 
 See, I’m telling you to control your control! GEEZZ Louise! 
Okay.. well, I am a work in progress 🙂  
So… in comes the next and final challenge….
Challenge #2
Keep a prayer journal.  Write it out.  You don’t have to be detailed.  God knows the need,.. this is just helpful for when you pray, to not forget anything.. and to let your prayers be known to HIM!  
These are just two challenges.  JUST two.  Will you accept the challenge?  OH,  I hope so! Your relationship with HIM will GROW SO MUCH!  
Have you got any you are already trying this year?  Share them below or in the FACEBOOK comment!  
Happy New Year Friends!


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