God teaching me learning

It’s official. .. we have a farm!

Even though this week has been TOUGH…
– broke down truck
– stomach virus for 3 of the 6
– one “toe-up” washing machine
The cuteness factor DID get turned WAY up in The Walker Household!
After MUCH research. .Matt & I decided our lives weren’t busy enough. ..so we added 5 Nigerian Dwarf Goats to the farm. ..in addition to our herd of cattle we got a few weeks ago.
Yep…. you guessed it…we’re cra-cra! Lol!
Oh!..& we have baby chicks everywhere!  😉
But our family wouldn’t have it any other way!  You should see how gentle Isaiah has been with these kids & chicks.  Seriously. ..he loves them.  We have seen a whole other side to Isaiah.  It’s like he’s taking care of something that LOVES him..& it’s counting on him to feed it. Its been amazing to watch him grow & learn & be excited.  It also makes him feel good about himself that he’s taking care of it. Well…under mommas watchful eye of course. 😉
We are so Thankful for all of our blessings here at the farm…or zoo…or whatever you want to call it!
It’s our crazy life. .& we love it! Come see us y’all!

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