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Art Time!

Who doesn’t LOVE art time?!! Thank goodness I had 3 that weren’t sick with a virus last week…so between being a nurse…teacher & cook…I added Art Teacher to my list!
While visiting family Sunday my uncle gave the kids some gourds to hang in the yard for Martin’s.  The kids wanted to paint them right away. Then they were curious..&. the questions began to start…
Why do we want to encourage birds to come to our yard to stay for the summer?
Why do they only stay for the summer?
What kind of bird will fit in that tiny space?
What color should be paint them?
Will “sugar” (our bulldog) eat them? 
This is what we love about homeschooling!  I can turn all of those questions into research time!…& I can do it now…while they want to know and have an interest.   It’s Good stuff!
I found a lot of information from The Purple Martin Conversation Association 
Did you know ..
-Matins migrate to North America from Brazil?  
-Native Americans were some of the first ones to realize how beneficial Martins were to have around camp.  They were the first who hung gourds to attract the beautiful birds who ate those pesky bugs that tried to eat up their corn.  
-Had to paint our houses white or pastel colors…as they attract the martins more.
-Martins are almost completely dependent on humans for there housing.
The kids & I learned a lot of neat things that we never knew about Matins.  It was a fun learning journey for me & the kids!
I even painted something for mommy!
We are a little late at getting our gourds out for them… but, maybe just MAYBE.. we can attract a sweet little family for the summer! 😉

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