Essential Oils

Essential Oils Holder

Recently I was introduced to essential oils!  OH…BOY… it has been a life changer!  I am so thankful for my sweet Christian friends that told me about these oils!  It seems like each day …we find new ways to use them.  My children love them.  My husband (who teased me of being a witch Dr. at first) is now a believer of using them as well.  DoTerra is changing our lives, and the best thing is…it’s all natural!! 
Once I mixed up my first roller for sore muscles & headaches. ..I knew I needed that with me at all times!   So I started looking for essential oil carrying cases on the Internet.   After seeing the prices…all I could think was. ..I could make it myself save some cash & put that money to a new oil! Yeah!!! Yeah! Now I’m hooked!
So I started looking for a quick & easy DIY case.  Most of what I found cost $ for instructions…& like I said …trying to save $ here. So.. McKenna & I went to the drawing board & last night this is what we come up with!
It was soooo super easy! Just took a placemat…made a few adjustments & bam! We have a holder!
From here, you could purchase a zipper make-up pouch & put your oils in your purse.   You could also add a ribbon before you sew up the sides if you wanted to tie it up. 

Here’s the how-to steps:
1) Purchase a cloth placemat. Cut 2 strips at 7 1/2″ wide. Sew up your sides at 1/2″ hem.
2) Next, Fold in half & sew up your sides wrong side out.
3) Turn inside out. Now, you’re ready to sew up your pockets. Super easy! JUST STRAIGHT LINES!  If you want a place for your roller bottles,  you should measure & sew 1 1/2″.  For reg. size 15ml. Bottles sew 2″.  
That’s it! Super-Duper easy.  Spent $1.47 for my placemat.  You know what that means..??? I saved some money to put towards a new oil! 🙂  Let’s see… what will be my next oil purchase…..??

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