Georgia National Fair 2014

I am Super Proud of these two girls right here!  They did an Awesome job with the 4-H Homemade Ice-Cream Division.  They worked so well together! They came up with their own flavor & name!  Look out world!  Peachy Pig may be in a store near you soon! 😉

We competed against these two pretty ladies from Dodge!  

 And, of course.. I had to take a picture of the little sista’s 😉

 After our ice cream competion it was time for some Fun!  I can NOT believe my two littles wanted to ride this FAST ride!  I just knew that one of them would be CRYING when they got off….

 But,.. I was WRONG! It was ALL smiles from both of them.

 I believe the BEST BIG BROTHER AWARD should Defiantly go to .. Bman! 

 Yep.. he’s pretty much.. The Best!

I think the most fun was had at the bumper cars!  Who doesn’t love them?! Right!

I love this picture.. it captures all four of our babies having fun! Too cute!
Of course,.. you have to follow your sister’s around and Bump them out of the way!

 It’s not a Fair trip.. without a Goldfish! Geesh!

I enjoyed the smiles & laughter of my family & besides the HEAT, (!)  it was a Great Day!   I’m one blessed woman!  We may not have brought home the blue ribbon in ice cream but, we are okay with that!    Family.. is the Most important thing!   We defiantly made memories that will last a lifetime today & that is Priceless!
Thank you Lord for my Blessings!


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