Coop De ‘ville’s Big Reveal!

I can’t remember now what made me “WANT” chickens….

maybe it was these cute faces we saw back in the spring……that I couldn’t say NO to.  At one time we had 22 chickens! 
“22”…?  Really?.. what WaS I thinking?
or maybe it was my first “taste” of fresh eggs….
 or maybe it was the idea of raising something that would provide food for my family … Yes, I guess I’m crazy that way.  
Whatever the reason, we kept 11 of those 22 chickens.  They have provided ALL kinds of entertainment for our family.  WE absolutely LOVE to throw cooked spaghetti noddles in the pen & watch them run around with noddles hanging from their beaks.  It has also taught our children how to be responsible by caring for them.  We’ve named them all & some will even allow you to pet them.

Awhile back.. .Matt started on the coop.  We searched & googled and read chicken coop plans for days!   We really didn’t want to spend a lot of money & we saw a really cool design of a chicken coop built out of wood pallets.  With living on a farm, pallets are everywhere!  So we decided to Up-cycle! 
It is always great to have a teenager around. 😉
Coming Together!
Inside Nesting Boxes
 A fresh coat of paint… 
a little bit of detail.. and Coop De’ville is open for business!

 Inside Roost
I have to give a shout out to my father-n-law too!  He helped with the coop plans.  The kids helped paint the coop. Matt worked for a long time on this project.  But, that’s okay because he doesn’t get much free time,.. he is always working,.. always ministering,… always busy!  That’s why I am so proud of his finished product!  I love it even more because he built it all because I wanted it!  Some women ask for diamonds… I want a coop! Ha!
 Love this man!
Now… if these chick’s would just lay some eggs!!!!! I’m patiently waiting. 

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