A Wonderful Easter!

Our Easter Weekend started off with Isaiah’s FIRST Egg Hunt on Friday with his class.  I barely got any “still” pictures of him because he literally was in motion the whole time! But, of course… he is in MOTION most ALL the time anyway. 🙂
On Saturday we had our Annual Easter Egg Hunt with Matt’s side of the family at Papa’s Cabin.  I captured this photo of Isaiah and McKenna.  It really shows their special bond that they have together.  This is what you may see on any given day.

So I ran over and asked for a close-up…
 Have I mentioned how much of a camera hog Isaiah is?!!!  He will say..
“Uhhh.. Uhhh.. Momma, take me, take me!”
This is one of those times!
My sweethearts! Don’t you love the girls shirts?!!!!!  I want one!  These were Easter gifts from Gran & Big Daddy! 
On Easter morning.. the Momma & Daddy Easter Bunny left some sweets for sweets! 😉
(we don’t tell our kids there is a real Easter bunny… we fully explain why we have Easter Sunday & what it’s all about.. the baskets are for fun & just an expression of love)
Isaiah says… “dis mine?!”
Here are the kiddo’s all dressed up in their Easter Duds! 
And,.. here I let them have a silly face.
I think Isaiah won the contest for the funniest! lol!
After church we headed down to Nana & Papas for a yummy Easter lunch and another Egg hunt!  This is my parents with all of the Grandkids! Too sweet!
Here is a photo shoot I did with McKenna that I couldn’t resist sharing..
She got her hair stuck in her earring and though I’m sure it hurt.. it made for a GREAT picture!

The Easter family photo!
 It’s NEVER perfect (Faith’s looking down) but, oh well!.. it will have to do!
I took this photo of my nephew Sunday.. I think it’s my FAVORITE one of the day!  
No, wait.. this one is probably my favorite!  It may not look like much or mean anything to you…
but, this is a picture of my Grandparents yard.. with all the Great-Grands playing baseball in the yard!   
I know that they were smiling down from heaven at this moment!  We lost our Papa in 2011 & then after a long battle of cancer… we lost our Mema last year.  She was with us last Easter although she wasn’t feeling well.  We miss them so much and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about them. My Mema was a bird watcher! She loved to feed them and had bird feeders all over her yard.  My Mother had one in her yard  & as soon as I saw it, it made me think of her. Little did I know.. it was, in fact.. her’s. 
 Hope you all had a GREAT Easter & that you know the TRUE meaning of why we Celebrate Easter Sunday!  

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