A Busy Week

We didn’t start off very well last week.  We lost a very Dear Uncle on Tues.  Uncle Charlie found out he had Pancreatic Cancer about 1 month ago.  He had started chemo,.. and just went downhill from there.  Our family will miss him so much! He was a Great Man, and mentor to many in our community.. but, especially to my husband Matt.  Uncle Charlie was an Ordained Minister and was a Pastor at Fairhaven Baptist Church for over 20+ years.  He loved the Lord and we know that he is in a much better place!  
It was an honor to sing at his funeral, however, it was difficult. 
We will miss you Uncle Charlie!
On Friday we opened our home to a FABULOUS group of young ladies!  
We had a Blast with this group of girls from Encounter Weekend.  Here they are getting their game faces on before Rec. time on Sat.
They decided to dress up in camo to go along with the Duck Dynasty theme.  They Rocked that Camo!

They did pretty Great at Rec time too! 3RD Place!!! Whoop! Whoop! 😉  I pray that they won’t forget what they learned this weekend and that they will apply it to their lives daily!  
Can’t wait for Encounter 2014! (Our Broughton will be in attendance.. Can’t believe that one)
And guess who is going to Nationals in Kentucky in May?!

This cool kid!

Yep! Yep! Our DCMS qualified for Nationals on Wed. of last week!  We are very proud! 
 My little Robin Hood! 

Of course.. we can’t end one week or start another week without a BANG!  Isaiah got sick while staying at my sister’s this weekend.  Poor fella,.. he started running fever..
Had to take him to the Dr. on Sunday night & he tested POSITIVE for the FLU!
Then,.. I got a call from school on Monday about McKenna..
Yep… it was the flu.

Now,.. Matt has it! 😦

It’s terrible! And,.. I’m so tired of playing NURSE!  I’m taking Tamiflu just in case,.. hoping and praying I don’t get it!  McKenna was able to go back to school today so hopefully she is better.  As for Matt & Isaiah.. it’s a coughing fest!
Please pray for us.. that this nasty stuff will go AWAY!


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