Orphanage Visit

We had a Wonderful orphanage visit today!  Isaiah is from Jiangmen orphanage located in Jiangmen city. They have built a totally new facility since we were there in 2007.  The director welcomed us with fresh fruit which was delicious & congratulated us on our adoption. The kids in the orphanage call him Daddy & you can tell that they all love him very much! Isaiah ran & jumped into his arms.  The assistant directors were ladies & they too were there to show us around. The assistants were the same ladies who were there 5 yrs. ago & they remembered us! As we arrived we saw some older kids that we recognized from our last visit including a little girl Matt gave a bracelet to when we came last time! It was exciting to see her smiling face!

We picked up candy & cookies before arriving to give to the kids.  We passed out the goodies & met some  of Isaiah’s friends both young & old.  He was very happy to see them but, made sure he told them he was going to The United States!
Jiangmen is a very nice orphanage & very well run. We were very impressed & thankful to know that he has been loved & taken care of.  

After touring the orphanage,  the director & assistant directors took us out to eat for an Awesome lunch at a local restaurant!  Can I just say… I love this food! We were sure to try everything they ordered for us. Isaiah eats anything which is good.. I hope this continues when we get home. I won’t know how to fix eel & rice or cooked goose!;)  I wished I did know how though!  
Poor Broughton wasn’t so into the food today. Thank goodness for goldfish crackers & cheese-its! Lol! (To my friend Kerri… Please pack these for Erik when you guys come!)

During lunch Isaiah told the director “I’m going to miss you Daddy when I go to the United States”
So sweet!  Brought tears to my eyes & His too, I believe. We thanked the directors right then for their care & love for Isaiah!
As we left today Matt asked if we could gather & say a blessing for the directors & the orphanage.  They said Yes! We got in a circle & Matt prayed. After we were finished they said ….”& blessings to you & your family!”  It was a special moment! One we will never forget.
I was very thankful that Isaiah did good & wasn’t scared. He first said he didn’t want to go. He wanted to go to America. Bless his heart.  Martin our guide explained to him that it was only to visit. Praise God for Martin! He has been a God-sent! We have become attached to him too & will miss him when we leave.

Thank you all for your prayers they were defiantly felt!  Matt’s ankle is improving… He still has to ice & elevate but, he is on the mend.   Now our issue is the fact that we have somehow managed to blow-up both camera chargers & now… Matt’s laptop!! Ekkk!!  After a little paperwork tomorrow we are headed back to the electronic market to see if we can buy new chargers!! Pray that is the problem!
Geeeesh!!  Between me getting sick, Matt twisting his ankle, vpn & Internet being splotchy & NOW blowing up the chargers… We just laugh to keep from crying!!!!!! Lol!

We hope you all have a Great Holiday!!!! We miss our family & friends… & the comforts of home.  

We love you baby Boo so much!! Maybe we can Skype again today!!!!! Pray momma & daddy doesn’t blow up the iPad! Lol!!


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