White Cloud Mountain

Today the weather was beautiful here and we were able to go to White Cloud Mountain. The story goes… White Cloud Mountain blocks the cold weather winds & acts as a shield,.. blocking the wind from coming into Guangzhou. Guangzhou is considered very lucky to have White Cloud Mountain. People come and hang-out on beautiful days like today. We rode the cable cars up to the mid-way point. (I was too chicken to go any further)

It was beautiful!

At the top.. we fed the birds..

Watched a cute bird show.. the instructor spoke in Chinese.. but, it was still cute, cute!

Here’s a video clip of McKenna paying the birds.. ;))


Isaiah also had fun with bubbles today! He is so stinking cute!

Adopting an older child defiantly comes with its’ challenges. Even though Isaiah is 6 years of age his maturity level is that of a 2 year old. This is usually the case with kids that have been in an orphanage. We have to really watch him, ..every.. move.. he makes! That fear I had of him running away.. Yes, that has happened! But, I got my hands on him and now.. I have the death-grip on the little booger. He’s like Ninja fast & he never slows down!

There is also a lot that he doesn’t understand. Like,.. don’t step out on the street.., don’t flush the toilet 6 times,.. or don’t put things in your mouth! I promise you.. we have said NO at least 1,000 times a day. I don’t think all the books or videos in the world could have prepared us for this. Nothing like hands-on experience! Even though we are having our challenges, none of us would change having him for nothing in the world! We love him so much & have become so attached in the few short days that he’s been with us. He makes us laugh everyday & we have decided who he reminds us of.. Curious George!! lol!!

This was right before he found the cat-poo in the “kid-freindly” sand box!!!! eeeeeeEEEWWWWWHHHH!!! Leave it to curious George to find it.

After a nice rest back at the hotel.. we went out yet again for another delicious meal. What was on the menu tonight…??? Turtle soup! It was yummy!

For more photos of today’s adventures go to:

Signing out now from China!


5 thoughts on “White Cloud Mountain”

  1. Keisha, we can totally relate to the two yr old mentality…with an 8 and 10 it old. It is like training toddlers. Super tiring at times, it will get easier over time. I try and remind myself that is isn't their fault, because in our case you look at them and think they should know better but they don't. If you dont have it already, The Connected Child Is a great resource.

  2. I've been wondering how difficult that part is. I know you'll all keep him safe. 😉 Amazing to be able to experience all his firsts with him though…

    Praying for your family and Isaiah as he adjusts!

  3. Thank you for much for your sweet comments and prayers for our family! It has been difficult, but, i can see improvements each day. Praise the LOrd…
    He is so worth it though! Good luck to you and your family!

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