The reason…

When I started this blog,.. to be honest.. I really did it to waste time while waiting to travel to China & to keep family & friends up to date with what was going on. I’ve been blogging now for 6+ years & I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!  I love to keep a journal of our family, of what’s been going on.  When f@cebook came along…there was a period where I didn’t blog.  One day as I was looking back through pictures on my blog.. I was like… what have we been doing this past year.  I don’t have anything typed up!  I enjoy looking back at pictures and post like this  & this  & can’t forget  this  one!

See… Just memories! I love them all!

And then….technology was on the rise…

In comes #1 reason for going private….PRIVACY…

The news views in blogger allow you to be able to see “who’s” looking at your blog and how many times your blog was viewed in a day… blah, blah, blah…. It’s called “STATS” and this thing has kind of “freaked” me out a little bit.  I saw where one post alone had over 1,500 visits.  I also see where I get a LOT of visitors in a day.   To some, that may be okay… but, for me.. I like to be able to “know” who’s viewing my family.  I’m not producing a “Reality show” here.  Just journaling my thoughts,… praising my Lord, and sharing my little lovely’s pics.

Thanks to you all that signed up to follow our family!


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