The Walkerhousehold is going private. 😉  I’ve blogged for 5 years now & have never had to do this.  But, we have decided to go private for now.  I would love to share our story with the world as we did with Faith.. but, sometimes… that isn’t possible.  I’ve seen my “stats” & it’s a little un-nerving to this momma.. that I have NO idea.. who is lurking and watching our family. for Example.. I  had one post alone that had over 1,500 hits.  That’s a little scary.   😉 So.. I will just say for safety reasons we are going private.  If you are interested in still following our family.. & our trip to China.. please email us at keishalynn1@yahoo.com


3 thoughts on “Announcement!”

  1. Good call. When our blog was out there for the world to see, I think I read my tracking results more than I did the comments! I was hyper-aware of who was watching and what words they used in their search that brought them to our blog. I connected through Jennifer's blog, btw.

    Best wishes,

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