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The Artist Party

McKenna’s Artist Party was a Huge Success!  The girls had a ball painting & enjoying each other’s company.  I found out that most all girls Love to Craft! We had the party at our Papa’s cabin, & it was so nice to have the extra room, not to mention the clean-up wasn’t so bad either! 

 If you were to ask McKenna what her favorite color would be.. it would be a close tie between zebra and camo.  Yes, in her world.. they ARE colors!   I LOVE that she is just so versatile!  My little red-neck girl 😉
She already knew she wanted Mrs. Rachel to fix her “Zebra cake” & she even explained “How” she wanted it!    She wanted a horse in the center with grass!  Great JOB to my friend Rachel! It was just what she wanted! 
I LOVED making those easy paintbrushes   So did the girls 😉   Easy Peasy!  It was just Rice Krispy treats dipped into colored candy melts, place a craft stick in one end & Voila . a Paintbrush!  I made a trip to HomeDepot for my table decor.  My Mom made the “paint sticks” which were pretzel rods dipped in candy-qik, then rolled in sugar sprinkles. 


(fyi: gummy worms for 8-9 year old girls go FAST)

All these ideas came from my favorite site.. Pinterest!

I called in a WONDERFUL Friend and Artist, Mrs. Mary, who taught the the girls how to paint on canvas. She had a Peace theme that they all painted.  It was neat to see all of their different styles.   Each friend received her own 8×10 matte and we got started.   Mrs. Mary supplied all of the paint and materials.  She came prepared! She does this on the side,.. & I’m working on getting together with some friends and have the same kind of party! CAN’t WAIT!
IMG_3724  IMG_3722

I must credit my Lovely, Talented Sister for the pictures!  I love her work!  She can make a portrait out of any photo she takes!

And, my kids.. they smile & pose for her like Nobody’s business….


Just look at those Photos!

Aren’t they GREAT!!

She even had a photo-shoot with each little girl! She’s editing those now, so I hopefully I can share later. 😉   I’m leaving you with a slideshow of the girls in action!  If you live in our area & would like contact information on my Artist friend Mrs. Mary or my fab Cake-baking friend Rachel….;)  shoot me an email.  They are both the BOMB at what they do!
Have a Colorful day!


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