Our Baby Faith

Chinese Cowgirl Party!

If you ask Faith what she wants to be when she grows up… she will usually tell you..
“I want to be a Cowgirl!”  Now, where that comes from .. I haven’t a clue.  But, I decided to build her party around a “cowgirl” theme.  Since her favorite thing to eat is Chinese noodles from our local Chinese restaurant….,  I asked if we could have her party there one day after school.  It was a PLAN!  Faith loved it & she invited 10 of her closest friends to come share in her celebration!
I can’t take any credit for the decorations & ideas below.. because my Mom, said.. she had it under control!  Praise the Lord for Moms!  I’m not the type of mother who has to have her hands in Every detail… so I was fine with her planning.. & if you knew my mother.. you would know why I was completely fine with her planning it!  She is the BOMB!  She just retired from 20+ years in banking but, party planning is something she has ALWAYS loved to do!  I told her.. she should go in the business.  She is VERY Talented!  The funny thing is… I just set up her “Pinterest” account for her, HA!  She is in Hog-Heaven!
For the decor she used old frying pans & silver pans to display the food on.  Each cowgirl received her own badge & bandanna.  Momma bought plastic bling rings as a holder for the bandanna’s.  IT was too cute!
Collage 1_Faith 2012
The Birthday girl got her own cowgirl hat with a Birthday crown on it!
Collage_3 faith 2012
Collage_2 faith 2012
All the girls had a “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAW” time at Faith’s party, and I’m pretty sure Faith enjoyed it as well!  This Chinese Cowgirl party was a Success!

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