a little reminder…

Sometimes.. we just need to be reminded…
As I read this yesterday off of someone’s Facebook… I was “reminded” of not worrying about ANYTHING.

It’s been a LONG road on the adoption trail for us.. 
There have been ups & downs along the way….
We have been bruised by words of others….
We have been criticized by others…..
We have been looked down upon….
talked about…
some people may think.. we’re crazy.

But, This is OUR road! The one GOD has put our feet on.  We will Rejoice in that!   Only He can orchestrate something so beautiful as an adoption.  
We have waited … & waited… for good news… and this translation on Phil. 4:6 had something that caught my eye.. that I’ve never noticed before or thought about.
It says..

“don’t forget to thank him for his answers, If you do this you will experience GOD’s PEACE, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand.”

In other words…  He’s already answered!  He’s already gone before us,.. we may not know the outcome.. but, we are to THANK HIM for his answer!  That is having “Faith” in Him that He HEARS  & answers…

Even when things are still…. & you think He’s Not listening or answering!

He is Still there.. Working on our behalf!



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