My Loyal Subject…..

I’m trying this “new” thing for me….
It’s stepping out of “AUTO” mode on my camera. 
I tried this at the pep rally on Thursday. NOT a good day to try something new when it’s your son’s FIRST PEP RALLY!! Because A LOT of them were……
how do you say…


They were either too BLURRY…

YEp.. this one is a hoot!

or too dark!

So.. I decided I would practice on my other son..

Meet Papi

He was a little camera shy at first…

He’s loving it on the “inside” I just know it! He’s thinking what I’m thinking.. these are NOT my “true” colors…

The darkness on this photo… is making him a wee bit sleepy..

Oh.. wait a.. second…

Yep… you’re getting there “oh..helpless photographer”

Wait a minute.. I have an itch.

Okay.. I’m back!  Snap away!

Wait… let me give you my good side!

Stay tuned… for more adventures of Papi!


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