Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday

So here’s a tip that saves my family money & it saves me TIME!  Menu Planning! Usually I plan my meals like say .. on a Saturday or Sunday.  I make my menu for the whole week.  Then I make a list of ingredients that I need for that week.  I try to “STICK TO THE PLAN” during the week, but, I don’t stress out if things don’t always go as I plan. 😉

I made out this meal plan on Saturday, & Only spent $90 at the grocery!  You do the math..
$90 for a family of 5. That’s $18 per person for a WEEK of food.  That’s $3.60 a day. Well,.. that’s only supper & breakfast, & sandwiches for the kids at lunch.

Menu Planning makes my day/WEEK.. a whole lot better! On the days we’re away.. doing ball games.. it’s a Crock-pot night;) I might add that it helps to also have a good stocked pantry with main ingredient items on hand.  For example.. 2 things I always have in my pantry.. cream of chicken & cream of mushroom soup! You can create a quick, and easy meal in minutes with these items on hand. 😉  Need help creating your pantry list try this site.


SUNDAY= Taco Soup/Chips

MONDAY= Spaghetti Bake/Garlic Bread

TUESDAY= Fish & Grits/ Hush Puppy/ Coleslaw

WEDNESDAY= Crock-Pot Savory Pot Roast/Corn/ Peas

THURSDAY= Crock-Pot Sausage Jambalaya

FRIDAY= Hamburgers/Fries

SATURDAY= Kitchen is CLOSED! 😉

I LOVE!  Click on the picture above to go to her website & get some AWESOME recipes & Menu ideas!!


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