How do you moms make it Look so easy to take a PiCtuRE?!
Awlllwee!  Look at my sweet Precious Angels!  Don’t they look sweet?
It was ALL GOOD until I wanted them “closer” for a close-up picture!  Look at that Handsome young man…he wouldn’t push his sister.. now would he?! 
Cuz,.. there’s ALWAYS “Drama” at my house!
at this point I’m having a “FLASH-BACK” memory of Christmas 2004!

Yep… this was my Christmas card in 04!

I won’t say.. what I wanted the caption to be.  It wasn’t Merry Christmas!

And,,.. the pictures of her.. it gets better…

Don’t put her on No Stinking Pepper-mint Candy Pillow!
Then there was the Christmas of 2007

This Shirt is ITCHY!!!! (Remember Heather?)  Bless my little Sis’ heart.

We finally had a successful picture for a card..

But,.. someone wasn’t so happy.. :/
Geeesh!! I Do NOT understand it..  Just to PROVE she knows how ..and DOES take the Cutest pictures Ever.. check this out from football season 2008
SEE!! Total Cuteness!
To McKenna,,  If you’re reading this and your 25.. I warned you this would happen..
“One day.. you will look back & say.. what was I thinking?”
I love you sweetthang with all my heart!! You are one Spunky little girl,.. but you will Always be Momma’s Baby Girl!!

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