The exciting news…..

I’m finally slowing down a bit to write to you all about what God is doing in our lives here at The Walker household!

As many of you know, we are adopting again from China.  Not only that,.. but, we have several friends from our church that are also adopting. Two from China, & one from The Congo.  About 6months ago, I started thinking of a way to help all of us out with adoption expenses.   Because Matt & I work with FCA, we can pretty much plan Fundraising Banquets in our SLEEP! HA!   So… my light-bulb moment went off!

What if we could get a speaker & have a Banquet to raise money for all of us adopting with in our church?  Could we do it? Could we pull it off?

Well, like anything else, we bathed it in prayer!  I wrestled with who’s going to speak, where would we have it, how much would we charge.. etc,.. etc…, etc.

But, for months,.. no speaker would respond to me.  I was bummed!

In February, Matt & I traveled to Kansas City, Mo. for our FCA Real Time Staff retreat. It’s something that only happens every 3 years. (I might add the last time Matt & I went.. was right before we traveled to China that same year)  We were so excited to learn that one of our favorite comedians was a guest speaker, Kenn Kington!  He’s a BIG name in the comedian world!  He is Hilarious, & we always enjoy spending time with Kenn, because he is so down to earth!  After returning home from our trip Matt suggested we ask Kenn to be our Guest speaker & have a “Night of Laughs”.  We called & asked & GUESS what?… He said YES!  Praise God!  So.. The “Laugh for Love” Banquet was formed!  Matt thought of the title.. kinda has a ring to it, don’tcha think?

BuT, Kenn works for a living so we had a fee to get him here.  Matt & I prayed & thought…. if each family could step out on FAITH and agree to pay at least for his fee … we might could do this!  We said.. we would contact friends & church family to see if anybody would like to cover that cost of having him come.

And GUESS what?.. Within 2 days after we all said yes to stepping out on FAITH.. GOD provided half of the money from an anonymous donor.. who shall remain anon.  GOD BLESS YOU ANON!

And so, The speaker was secured & the date was set for July 28th!

The next couple of months.. we were in planning mode.  I NEVER realized how HARD it was to pull off a Banquet without being a non-profit.  People.. it’s pretty darn complicated!  

Since returning from China.. we have certainly had a Heart for Orphans.. and for helping families adopt.  We too, felt the hit from adoption expenses, but Our GOD is Faithful!  He supplied for our every need.  We just had to put our trust in Him.  We knew this was nothing different.  We had to trust that God would handle the details.  We kept hearing.. 501C-3… over & over… our accountants & lawyer friends would say.. you need to do a 501 C-3.  I would say… this event is in a month! We can’t get that non-profit status in a month! NO way that was going to happen.. I’m busy, swamped to be more precis. There’s no way,.. NO WAY.. I have time for that!

Then.. we prayed.  What is it God, that you would have us to do??…..

And.. we heard from Him exactly.. start the process of a 501C-3.

The Birth of Journey 1:27 Ministries began! 1:27 was taken from James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.
Journey was mentioned by Ian Wynn, a close friend & partner in the Laugh for Love Banquet. He said this is a Journey that God has put all of us on to Adopt these precious children.  
Journey struck a chord into Matt’s heart!  We both loved it!
It was Crystal Clear to us.. that even though “Our” timing didn’t seem right…. God’s timing was.. “Right on time”

So, we have started the process.  At this time we are just an incorporation.  We are slowly moving through the process.. prayerfully considering each turn.

Heck.. I don’t even have a logo yet! lol! But, I’m praying & working on that too. 😉

We plunged forward with the Banquet.  We wanted to make this an adoption Awareness event too, so we had some great volunteers who invited several different ministres to be there to help spread the word of adoption.  We had the following represented that night:

-Our local Dept. of Family Children’s Services
-Operation Christmas Child area coordinator
-Out of Darkness Ministries
-Pure Water, Pure Life Ministries
-Jonathan’s Ark
-Just Love Coffee
-An Orphan’s Wish

Lots of information went into people’s hands that night! LOTS!

We also had some AWESOME help with the food!!  We had several ladies donate desserts.  We had Just Love Coffee to DONATE 10 LBS of COFFEE!!! HUGE Blessing!!!  Someone donated the cups, plates, and napkins.

We purchased Coke products at a reduced rate from one of our family members!

We found the PERFECT location. The cost… $250.00  We stepped out on Faith and paid the deposit, and guess what… our Orphan Ministry at our church paid for the cost the building for us!! How Awesome is that?!

The decoration cost?… $45 for rental table cloths

The food cost? $0

Table & Chair cost?  $0 (came with the rental fee)

We sold individual tickets & table sponsorship’s.

And to GOD be the GLORY.. we raised over $7,000!!!!

We had Silent Auction items (which were on consignment) Profited $1,600 from this alone.

After our expenses ….we were able to Profit around $4,500.

We WERE & ARE so excited to see what God is going to do with Journey 1:27 Ministries! COMPLETELY humbled… is a word that came to our minds as we wrapped up the event.  It was an AMAZING feeling. I have LOTS of ideas running in my head right now.. just trying to focus those in.. on what God has for us.. at This moment.

We want to be about not only Orphans, but Widows as well.  This is new.. alot of ministries.. leave out the “Widow” in that scripture. This is something that we do NOT want to do. I had a Grandmother whose husband (my Grandfather I never knew) died when my Daddy was only 10.  She was left to raise 4 boys.  By.. herself.  My Mema was all of a sudden a widow last Jan. when my Papa died suddenly of a heart attack!  Matt’s Grandmother was a widow for many years after his Big Daddy passed.  They are left…without .. their .. soulmates.  Just sad.  A widow’s need is so vast… and big.. just the emotional part alone is  a lot to deal with!  I don’t know what God has in store.. but, we are looking to Him for guidance. Here are a few things we are certain of what we want for this ministry:

-To help with the funding of adoptions for Christian families trying to faithfully step out and adopt a child.
– To help the needs of an orphan.
      -nutritional needs, spiritual needs, educational needs.
-To help the widow who has no one to turn to.
      -help with medical bills -paying for utilities  -paying for medicine

I know that my GOD is Faithful!!  I was reminded of a scripture that got me through some tough times in our first adoption…

The LORD will fulfill [his purpose] for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever–do not abandon the works of your hands. ~Psalm 138:8

God isn’t about to abandon.. what He started in our hearts! Praise Him!  Please put Journey 1:27 Ministries on your prayer list.. & Pray for us.. as we make decisions… about our mission.. our board members..our vision. & our next steps to the next ministry event.  Of course,.. we want it to be HIS mission,.. HIS vision..His Ministry!  We are not about being Glory Hogs… we are about His business & being Vessels for Him to complete His ministry.

Below are some Pictures from the Banquet. Enjoy!


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