the blues…

I guess we all have them..
If we’re big enough to admit it….

And.. yesterday’s weather didn’t help matters much.

rain Pictures, Images and Photos

Yep! It’s the Blues!

I guess I could go on a rant about all things that DIDN’T go my way yesterday like..

~finding out we’ve not been matched with an officer to even be APPROVED for INS. it just sits on a desk.. somewhere..?
~Having a sick child at home with high fever
~getting a call that says the next-day Dossier files NEVER made it to California last week & is “supposedly” being returned…..

Yeah… that’s my day..


Just as I was about to run to the county line store loose it! 😉 (jk)
She walked into the kitchen…
And I was reminded of a L-O-ooo-N-G… wait….
What seemed to be an eternity holding on to 3 pictures printed on copier paper!
I can remember when satan would attack and have me all in a fluster -with untruths.. like
“She’s not REAL… 3 pictures is All you got?… come on!
This is a Joke.. you & Matt will be the first couple to go to China & NOT receive the child you’d hope for..if you’re lucky.. they’ll hand you another child.. or.. if you’re not so lucky.. you could come home empty handed! Then what will you tell everybody who asks EVERYDAY how things are going.???
But GOD,.. is Faithful!  He keeps His promises!
So there we sit in Guizhou, China.. waiting.. peering out of the conference room door..
 down to mere seconds before she arrives!

 And she suddenly appears out of the elevator in the safe arms of her foster dad..   And there I was.. trying NOT to cry, & trying to convince her she wanted to hold the cute China doll I had in my hand.. (What irony) Truth is… I really wanted to hold my China Doll! And.. all that Waiting.. was over!Praise GOD! She was Ours!     It was like we were in a Dream! This was Addy.. saying.. what would you like to know about your daughter?  ARE you KIDDING me? Do they have all day?! I took this walk down memory lane.. as a reminder to myself during this second adoption.. and to those who wait now… To sum it up…


 I like the quote from Kelly Minter’s AWESOME bible study Nehemiah.. “The older we get the more history we have with the Lord, meaning we can reflect on more of His faithfulness in our lives.” I learn more each day of HIS-tory….And.. I’m THANKFUL…GRATEFUL…IN AWE… EVEN ON RAINY DAYS when things just DON’T seem to go my way! 


3 thoughts on “the blues…”

  1. Cling to His faithfulness! That is a great quote and it has been true for me many times when I wonder what God is going to do in different circumstances. He never fails! His timing may not be ours, but He knows the big picture! ❤

  2. God is faithful!! Keep praying and relying on HIM!!

    Look at our wait and all that happened, now I am holding sweet Joshua in my arms!!

    Will add you to our pray list!! Love you girl!!

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