Have you ever been in “Awe” of God?…..
Has he ever called you to do something & then fulfilled that calling in you life?…..
Have you ever stopped for one minute & thought “wow,.. how did that moon get up there in the sky.. & hangs just perfectly with nothing propping it up?

In Awe….

“Who among the gods is like you, O LORD?  Who is like you-Majestic in Holiness, Awesome in glory, working wonders?
 Exodus 15:11

We have been in “Awe” of God many times, but most recently its been in adoptions.  I say adoption(s) because we have several friends on this journey with us that are adopting too.  I had a chance Saturday to spend some time with one of these couples.  We were intending to go to a “free” Jeremy Camp concert..  but, it rained us out! But, that’s okay! We got to share with one another what God had been doing in our adoptions & in our lives.  I know that when GOD calls you to do something… HE will make it happen! Rain or shine, but in His time!  I was in “Awe” of Julie & Stephen & hearing about how God had provided financially for them  by raising up people in their church & community to raise funds for them!!
DID you hear that?…
Asking them.. practically telling them.. what They were going to do to help!  Everything from selling “Boston-Butts” to… having a concert!
That’s the “Body” …People!  Stepping in to help! 
Ain’t God Good?!  It was so Great to hear what God had been doing in their lives! We were encouraged!
I have helped financially, with many people adopting through the blog world .. and as I “Gave”… my heart just.. “jumped” inside.  It felt Good to help!  It felt good to be able to help.  Sometimes,.. even in blog-re-design when I couldn’t help out monetarily.. I would do a blog re-design for someone.  I was using the Talents that God gave me,.. to be able to bless someone else.
I have a friend this weekend who has offered to help by, letting us set up a face painting booth at a local festival!
We have been so blessed by God, with Great Friends & Family who love us, & support our adoption.  We are forever thankful!
So.. my question to you… Are you taking part in God’s work?
Are you seeing “Awe-mazing” things that God is doing for you in your life?
Are you.. “sharing” those things?

WARNING!.. the following is a vent.. so BEware!
Do you use facebook or personal blogs.. to share your “personal” gain?  Why do you think we have social media?.. If you’re a Christian you Should be thinking… “How can I share God’s glory today?
I get soooo BORED, YES… you heard me.. BORED.. at hearing from supposed Christian’s on facebook.. NEVER sharing.. or participating in the Gospel for CHRIST!
It’s all about them.. and what them’s been doing.. and how them’s going shopping,.. eating.,.. buying new cars,…them has a perfect life! (Yeah, Right!)  Get REAL people! Nobody lives a Perfect life!  We struggle, we slip,.. and yes.. we have LOUD discussions .. with our husbands!
What?! **gasp**

You don’t?!… 

I get tired of it!!  And,.. go ahead and de-friend me.. I don’t care!

Okay.. nuff said.. I told you it was a “vent”.. so there…your were warned!

And, if you scrolled through that part.. & are just arriving ….well.. it might be beneficial for you to scroll back up and read it.
just saying..

Don’t miss out on the Blessings that God has in store for you!!!
Whether it’s seeing him in your day-to-day routine…
or doing a mission project!

I am reminded of a passage that God gave to me during our first adoption.. & We are clinging to it still… matter-of-fact..

I think this should be The Walker household life verse!
well… that & Prov. 3:5-6

Psalm 138:8
The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD, endures forever;do not abandon the works of your hands.

Look at that sweet China baby!  God did NOT abandon what HE had called us to do almost 5 years ago.  HE is STILL at work.. and HIS purpose (not mine.. or Matt’s)  will be fulfilled!
Ain’t God good?!
All the TIME!
Cause.. our God is a Mountain Mover!
If he’s done something for you today.. please “SHARE-IT”
Whether in my comments.. or on your status feed!  Turn that “Social-Media” into GOD-media!


2 thoughts on “"Awe-Mazing"”

  1. Well your call helped to encourage me today. Leigh Anne and I were all bogged down in some homeschool stuff, and it really encouraged me. It is so exciting that others are willing to help us if asked, but even more exciting when they are begging and telling us that they are GOING to help us bring these children home! Praise the Lord for good friends that want to do HIS work!!! We are blessed!

  2. That's so neat to hear about God's provision. God has just blown me away with the way He gives us just what we need in unexpected ways. That's how I feel about adoption. Whenever God appoints our time to pursue it, I feel so confident He will make a way. It's so neat to have that affirmed by you and others. God bless!! Can't wait to see your newest little one!

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