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The Weekend Project Results….

Last week I posted a cupcake tier picture that was made by Bakerella. McKenna wanted to bring cupcakes to her Valentine’s party so… she searched for the perfect cupcakes on the net…
I let her do most of the work & she had a ball!! I think she did a pretty good job! McKenna has such a servants heart & to make something for others.. …makes her want to giggle & dance with Pride! I love it! The smile on her face as she brought them into her class.. was absolutely PRICELESS! I’m so thankful for the little things that this kiddo does! She’s very thoughtful & creative!
cupcakes 101
cupcakes 101_1
We purchased a cardboard cupcake tier from W@lmart & McKenna decorated it with some leftover heart stickers from our craft bin.
My Loves 2012
These were the smiling faces I saw on Valentines Morning!!! I love them so much! I can never thank God enough for these precious Blessings in my life!!
my goodies
Speaking of being thoughtful & creative.. I believe she gets alot of it from her Daddy!!!! He fixed me a surprise Goody basket from the kids & a little surprise from him!!! Would you look at those ruby earrings!!!!! There is a story behind those earrings.. hopefully I will be able to share soon… !! The basket was complete with chocolate & Foot bath salts!!!! **sigh** Boy, does he know the way to my heart!!!
So,… after a busy week… I’m going to sit back,.. soak my toes…& eat some chocolate!! Hope you all have a great Weekend!

1 thought on “The Weekend Project Results….”

  1. Awww..that's fun! I love getting treated special on Valentine's day! Isn't it fun to make stuff with the kids?! It's hard for me to let go sometimes, but when I do I'm so glad! Glad you had a great day!

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