McKenna, Our Baby Faith

The Birthday Girls!

It is hard to believe another year has come & gone! Seems like their birthday’s sneak up on me every year! The first of Oct. the girls turned “8” & “6”. This year, we had another quite family party for both girls. They couldn’t have been more happier. Well,… unless they had a sleep over. Geesh! They have been begging me for awhile now & we just haven’t said yes to that … yet. I’m sure it’s coming & we won’t be able to hold them off any longer. 😉
Thanks to my lil‘ sis for this Awesome picture! It’s almost perfect.. …. for some reason Broughton decided he would make a crazy face!

It was either this one to post … or this… one…

Yeah,… he’s really excited .. i know! LOL!

This is WHY I do NOT kill myself in trying to take family portraits!

I mean really… why.. should I put myself through unnecessary torture..???!

😉 lol!


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