Happy Birthday to my little Man!

I can NOT believe that I have a “10” year old in da houze!!!!!!!
He is Sweet, & Kind to his little sisters… wellll….(sometimes)

like in this cute picture!

He attended his first FCA meeting this year! This was big at our house, because his Daddy has worked with FCA most of his young life. Now he is finally old enough to attend meetings.

HE has ALWAYS been “All Boy”!! He loves Exploring,.. fishing.. & hunting!

Lately.. his newest thing is.. playing with his “Airsoft gun”! So, guess what kind of party he wants to have?……….. Maybe I’ll have more pics on that next week.

**sigh*** wasn’t it just yesterday that I was planning a …”Pooh Bear party”

(insert ..another…BIG **Sigh**)

excuse me while I cry a litl’bit!

okay.. I’m back..

In honor of my little man… I wanted to share an AWESOME book for all you Mom’s to Boys.. It’s called The Runaway Bunny!

It’s just so sweet.. Boys are adventurous, they like to live on the edge a little bit, but most.. love their Momma’s deeply. This book is about an adventurous bunny who tries to tell his mom how/where he’s going to runaway.. but, Momma bunny always has a come back.. like.. I will be right there!!

If you don’t have it.. GET IT!!! I will ALWAYS treasure those nights.. reading this book to my little bunny. He still remembers it,.. and occasionally.. I will still read it to him. Just to let him know.. Momma is always here!

Tonight we celebrate Broughton style.. his menu :

  • Chicken Tenders WITH HONEY MUSTARD! (if I forget the HM.. I’m dead meat)
  • Mashed Potatoes- HOMEMADE
  • Mac-N-cheese

Yup!! That’s my boy! An “ALL STARCH” kind of meal! lol! Yes, now I know what some of you healthy mom’s may be thinking… “where is the green stuff”..

…well, it’s not on the menu tonight girls! It’s my baby’s 10th! 😉


You will still be my little cuddle-bunny won’t ya?……


~on a side note.. to my bloggy peeps..when I first started blogging he was just turning 6!! I wrote a post on it here. Some of you may remember it. Man.. time flys!


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