A New Years… Goal.

Yesterday.. started a new journey for me. I was encouraged by a sweet blogger, that had read thru the entire Bible this past year. Hearing her say “it became a habit” to read her bible.. I thought.. Now, That’s what I need to do! Make it a habit to read my bible! So, I began praying, & from that prayer God confirmed to me that this was something that I needed to do. I had heard of the “Radical” experiment by: David Platt & The Church @ Brook Hills, & have started the book many times,.. just haven’t finished it yet. 😉 I noticed sometime back on his website that he has a complete 1 year bible reading plan. I downloaded a copy & began my journey through the Bible.. in … one.. year.
I know that there will probably be days when.. I will NOT want to read… but, I pray that I will.. & that God will show me something Special.. in the midst of my laziness.
I know that many things will TRY to hinder me from reading..the many things like…
—kids—-computer——housework——work——busyness——and SLEEP for crying out loud!
But, I’m gonna try with all my mite to pass the urge to skip any day.
And.. who do you ask is going to keep me accountable..??
My sweet hubby told me this morning that he would read thru it with me & we could hold each other accountable. I LOVE this man!! I’m sometimes overwhelmed at how blessed I am. He is what a husband should be, supportive, strong, God-fearing, a Godly leader in our home. I can never thank God enough for such an Awesome man!!

4 thoughts on “A New Years… Goal.”

  1. Oh this is GREAT news! How wonderful that your husband is joining in too. I will pray as you begin this journey. I will post tips on getting through it this week. Happy New Year!!!

  2. You can do it! I've done it twice, and it's great. Don't get discouraged if you can't do it in one year…just keep going. It took me longer both times, but I just kept going and finished! My grandparents read through the Bible every year. It's a great challenge to me. We would really be familiar with the Word if we did that, wouldn't we!? You can do it!

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