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So many…..

Silly Bands!
Who woulda’ thunk that such a thing as “Silly Bands” would be an ingenious IDEA for kids?!

Seriously,.. why didn’t I think of them?!

I could be on some island right now with these precious kiddos…

But, Instead..

Here we sit…

Counting the Countless SILLY BANDS!

Kuddos to you… Silly Band Maker! You receive TOO much of my Money!


3 thoughts on “So many…..”

  1. Well, I appreciate the fact that even though they have a lot of silly bands, they are very sweet to share with my little Isaac. One night Faith came up and gave Isaac two of hers and he wore them proudly (that is, until he broke one of them ; )). But he would just grin and hold his little arm out for me to put it on when he saw it!

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