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What’s on your iPod?…………

I have ALWAYS been a Lover of music! I used to stay in my room with my little record player (YES! I had a record player! lol)

Then,.. I got my first little boom box.. remember these?

Mine was a little more rounded.. cuz I’m a little later 80’s child.. & it was Hot Pink.. for those of you who Know me… I just know you are LAUGHING.. aren’t you?!! HA!

Then.. Oh.. & Then SOMEBODY became a genius and designed these things…. & I had to have one..

Plus.. they were much easier to carry than this..


And NEXT… came the Compact Disc! Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!

So.. I grabbed this

& one of these…

Now.. it’s 2010! Yes… 2010! And what do I own? No, not an iPod touch.. not YET anyway

I have my very own… nano! TEE HEE! And what does my Awesome husband give me for my birthday?… No, not an iPod touch… 😉 Not yet anyway….

He gave THE MOST practical GIFT, EVER!!
And, HE is Number one
BA- BE!!!!!

He gave me an iTunes gift card!!!


It’s Great!!!
So,.. here’s a look at what’s on my iPod! Notice my Cyndi Lauper, Taylor Dayne, & Salt-n-Pepa! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s on yours? I really want to know?…….


2 thoughts on “What’s on your iPod?…………”

  1. LOL you are too funny!

    You know what else helps….having a teenage son to share music with!!! He buys the songs and I don't have to..ahahahahahaha!!! We are both out of itunes money right now….Im tryin to hold out til he goes and buys one!!! LOL

    I gotta have that Best of Prince Album!!! thanks!


    p.s. I got the ipod touch for my bday…..oh my goodness…I use it every single day …YOU MUST GET ONE!

  2. Keisha…I saw a large, pink boom box bag…yes, and it looked almost just like your picture of the boom box…and I thought of this post! : ) Joe and I share and I-pod…so there is a huge variety. He has A LOT of the Bible on there. I have to have music…Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Tomlin, Miley Cyrus (I really want Party in the USA…but don't have it yet!), Keith Green, music from Pride and Prejudice, and more. Very diverse. I used to be very up to date on what was cool in music…now I'm sadly way behind in the times! ; )

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