A page turned………

3 years ago I started creating bows & clips for my little girls. Being a stay at home mom at the time… we really couldn’t afford all of those expensive bows to match every outfit, so I decided to learn how to make them! After learning….people started to notice my talent & began requesting orders. Little did I know.. that I had stumbled across something that would bring in a little extra money. So I started selling them online & “ReignBow Princess Designs” was born.

I have made bows for many people & sent them all over the US! For that I am very proud. This year, I started working outside the home. I have been WAY to busy .. trying to keep up with the kids, housework, church, bible studies, our singing group practices,.. etc…etc…that I haven’t had time to make bows & advertise. I had a tub full of supplies that just sat in a closet.

After much prayer I decided to sell my stuff & get out of the biz. Soon after God gave me my answer… I had a friend contact me.. (another stay-at-home mom) wanting to know.. if I had anything I wanted to sell! Can you believe that?! I hadn’t even mentioned to anybody (other than my husband) that I was selling my things! I immediately told her YES.. & within a day my supplies were sold! To GOD BE THE GLORY!!

So… a page is turned… ReignBow Princess is no more. I wanted to personally thank YOU.. my bloggy friends for all of your support during my bow making years. Some of you were frequent customers! I also thank you for encouragement!

Thanks for 3 Great Years!

3 thoughts on “A page turned………”

  1. Oh Keisha…we still have our MI bows and the girls LOVE them. Happy that a solution came about. Sometimes there just isn't enough time in a day….Know anyone who wants to buy sewing supplies??? LOL

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