Black & White Wednesday

Last week McKenna’s bunny of 4 years.. Died. She was extremely sad & morned the loss of her pet. We had a funeral, put flowers on “Baby’s” grave and to top it off.. McKenna sang Amazing Grace. It was the sweetest little pet funeral ever.
The next day my parents were coming to visit. As soon as they heard about Baby’s passing.. they got on the phone trying to find McKenna a replacement! “Thanks Momma & Daddy”.. no.. Really.. Thanks!
I told Matt we were Finished with the Rabbits! They are so adorably cute,… yet so messy! Guess who gets to clean that mess up?…. Yep, you guessed it! ME!
As soon as I saw the baby bunny… I melted! I AM SUCH A SUCKER! I don’t know which one is my worse weakness.. kittens or bunnies…?? They are just so Darn Cute!
I mean.. Look at her! How could you say no… to this cute face?

And,, Yes.. that is a “Hammock”… for.. a Rabbit! LOL!
The things we do.. for our kids… or should I say.. the things a Grandparent does.. for their Grandkids!!!!!!
Hey Momma & Daddy.. youz a Sucker too!
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9 thoughts on “Black & White Wednesday”

  1. OK ~ So now we all know the truth…as all mothers will do almost ANYTHING for their kiddos! Great B&Ws!!!! And what an adorable name for her too! Here's to maybe not so many messes to have to clean up…and don't worry you aren't the only one who does 😉

    Hope you are having a great week 🙂

  2. Bunnies are so cute!! So sorry for the loss of her first bunny. I remember when my sons rat died a few years ago and we had the whole funeral! My hubby even made a little wooden coffin for it.

    What great Grandparents!

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