Your chance to win an Ipod Touch or Ipod Nano!!!

I donated! Can you help to?! Every month our church has a dollar offering where we pass the plate around and ask every one to donate at least a DOLLAR to the cause of the month. This past fall our church had a dollar offering for the organization “Loaves & Fishes”. Matt & I, along with 2 other adoptive families in our church were asked to give our testimony. We have given our testimony of Faith in the past so this year.. we decided to focus more on this wonderful organization. As I was preparing for the testimony ,..I was looking on the Loves & Fishes site.. looking for some Cute Pics of some kids that I could place on our PowerPoint. As I was looking at the pictures I recognized a sweet little face… Marianna!
Lisa & I became bloggy friends awhile back when she asked me for a blog re-design. I just love Lisa & her family & was so excited to hear the Marianna was at the Hidden Treasures home in China!! Small World .. huh?!!!

So now they are raising funds to help bring sweet Marianna home. They are hosting a raffle at their blog site My Marianna

The raffle is for an Ipod nano or a IPOD TOUCH!! (Oh yeah!!) The cost is $5 for 1 chance or $10 for 3 chances to win!! Click on the link below to donate now!!!! Thanks!


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