Student of the MONTH!!

Our B-man got The Student of the Month Award!!

Can I brag just a little bit here?……

He’s a marksman! He makes the hit Every time!

Despite the look on his face here.. he LOVES roller coaster rides!
He’s a lover of the “Game”
He’s got his Mama’s smile

He’s our little “Lefty”

He is Such a Blessing to our family! We tease him sometimes and call him “Boss”! He likes to tell you how to do things. LOL! (For the record,.. he gets that from his Father.. I PROMISE) 😉

We love him sooooo much. And,.. I think the thing I love the most.. is… he is NOT ashamed to come love on his Momma!! I just melt!! Just like the day I gave birth to him!!

Can you tell that I’m just a tad bit PROUD!

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