Praying for Haiti!

On the Early Show this morning, I was watching a special by CBS correspondence Jeff Glor. He was in Haiti and giving a report on the devastation. He was speaking with a man & woman who had their family beneath a make-shift tent under a tree. They had 6 children.. they didn’t know, .. how they were going to eat, where they would sleep……..

The man made a statement that has STUCK in my head that I CAN NOT get out. I heard him ,…and immediately God gave me a verse!!!
The Haitian man asked Jeff Glor..

“You know what I want to know… I want to know.. WHERE does our help come from”

And Just like a snap of a finger… I thought of this verse:

“I lift up my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the maker of heaven of earth.”
Psalm 121:1,2

I don’t know if this man knew that what he asked … was taken straight out of the book of Psalms! I just began to pray for him and his family…., for protection,.. for food,… for comfort!!

I have sat here in my nice, warm, home for two days now,… following the news on TV.. tearing up at the horror I see, while sipping on my coffee and trying to decide what to fix of supper!! It just doesn’t seem …. right?…. I want to help.. I want to FLY right now to Haiti! To roll my sleeves up and start peeling away some of the rubble that has trapped many underneath! Every minute of the day.. is a minute less for someones’ life who may be trapped.

Sadly.. I can’t fly to Haiti,… but, I Can pray and donate to organizations that I know are legit.

I think the easiest, quickest way to donate was texting to donate. The American Red Cross has set up a way to text to “90999” & it will make a $10 donation to help those in need in Haiti.
I pray that just as the sun comes up in the morning.. that God will heal the people of Haiti!

I wanted to share a song that Casting Crowns sings that has Psalm 121 in the lyrics. It’s called “Praise You in the Storm”.
While I was watching this morning on CBS they also showed a group of people who were homeless… hurting.. injured… but they were SINGING praises to GOD! Our GOD! The maker of heaven and earth!! It was priceless & tearful at the same time!!

Please pray for the people of Haiti, missionaries, mission work, and relief effort that is taking place right now! Put yourself in their shoes.. this could be US!


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