Bow Making is ON!

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! You guys are so sweet & that is one thing that I do miss about blogging.. the encouragement that you ladies give. Thanks!

I love the look of homemade bows! I love receiving homemade bows on my gifts. It’s like 2 presents in 1! Someone actually took the time to make me something & I’m all about the details.
I must admit.. that last year,.. I don’t think I made the first bow! lol! It was crazy.. & I was lazy! All my gifts came with sticker bows.
This year I sat down one night while watching TV and I made bows like CRAZY! lol! I think it was worth it.

Last year my mom gave me the neatest gift (before Christmas). Someone (homemade) these cards… (Ladies.. raising money for adoption?… this would be a neat idea!) She took the names of our family, had them printed on card stock, cut, and placed cute Christmas stickers on each one. She charged I think.. $7.00 for 100 and they are LIFESAVERS!! It’s one less thing to “think” about at Christmas time. Just slap it on a gift, place some tape on it, & you’re good to go! Well, I do have to write the “To:” lol!

Happy Wrapping Y’all!

10 thoughts on “Bow Making is ON!”

  1. Great idea! I too love pretty bows. This year I wrapped all of our packages in plain craft paper and used raffia for the bows. It is really country, sweet, and simple looking. My kids think it is UGLY! hahaha!
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  2. OK – I need to take some lessons from you (on the wrapping)…I hate (and I do mean hate) to wrap presents. I am bad at it too – just ask the family lol! Anyway, LOVE the name tags…truly a great idea!

    I truly want to THANK YOU for all that you have done for me. When I got your message, I cried. It is people out “here” that I have become friends with (like you) that keep me going. Ths journey to Benjamin has not been easy (as you know) and we have hit a ton of bumps along the way. There are times I feel so alone out there and than something happens 😉 and it makes me see that I am not alone and that I have a wonderful support system to help me along…

    Thank You once again…your “gift to me” meant so much and I truly love it! (and it kept me going when I was seeing no light ahead…)

  3. I had to laugh at this post because I've been wrapping presents ALL stinkin' day long and they look like… well….. uh… crap.

    There I said it. My hand made gift bows are horrible! Ah well, I'm not re wrapping! lol

    Have a wonderful, amazing, and blessed Christmas! 🙂

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